Are Paring Knives Dishwasher Safe?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 02/24/19 •  3 min read

Many cutlery companies may label their knives as dishwasher safe but a lot of professionals and aficionados will tell you that it’s not really advisable to dump any knife in the dishwasher – even small, insignificant ones like utility and paring knives.

It doesn’t matter whether you paid $5 for your piece or if it’s a Zwilling JA Henckels that costs an arm and a leg. NEVER put a knife in a dishwasher. Ever.

In fact, if you paid a whole lot of money for this, have a bit of respect for your bank account and a whole lot more for the artistry of the construction and hand wash those tools instead.

Besides, it’s only going to take you a minute or so to accomplish this task.

There are numerous reasons why this machine is not the best environment for any kitchen tool or gadget made from metal: moisture, heat, and turbulence.

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When these are placed in the dishwasher to get washed, the dishwasher will spray a large amount of water on them. The second important factor is time. In the dishwasher, the knives will be kept for a longer period of time. This can damage the knife blade as the blade can get rust. The handle will also not be saved from the effects of moisture and it will start to get damaged.


The utensils inside the dishwasher need heat to get dried. The heat is given by the electric heater and it is built-in the dishwasher. Heat is not good for the blade of the knife especially when the knives have moisture on them. Paring knives handle is made of plastic mostly so the handle will get damaged due to the heat.


These knives are mostly designed to peel fruits and are not very good at facing harsh environments. If heat is for a minute or moisture is only there when cutting the fruit, the knife will handle it in a really good way. They are not good when these same things come for a long time.


When the knives are placed inside the dishwasher, there will be a great problem of turbulence also. The machine will throw pressurized water on utensils so the utensils get cleaned properly. This turbulence can also damage the knives.

It can be concluded after getting this detail from experts that one of the easy ways to ruin your knives is to place them in the dishwasher regularly!

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