The Best Damascus Chef Knife to Buy for All Your Cooking Needs

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 12/18/20 •  16 min read

Did you know?

A superior quality Damascus chef knife is any cook’s favorite blade in the kitchen.

Damascus steel knives are characterized by durable blades with ultra-thin cutting edges, fantastic patterns, great durability, enchanted edge, and an alluring appearance.

These knives are all-purpose and ignite any chef’s passion for food preparation and cooking.

And in this detailed review, we will take a look at the best Damascus chef knife your money can buy right now.

Let’s get started.

The Best Damascus Chef Knife For Your Money (Updated List)

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How to Choose a Good One?

The best Damascus steel chef knives are sturdy, beautiful, and durable.

These Damascus blades are worthy investments and give the best value for money.

However, the knives come in different types and varieties.

As such, you must know how to identify the best Damascus knife to buy depending on your budget.

Here are the aspects worth considering when looking to buy these blades:

The steel type

Unknown to most people, Damascus steel is not a type of steel but rather the process of making the steel.

There are different types of steel used in making these blades.

The ideal type of steel to opt for is one that is genuinely hard, durable, resistant to wear, tear, staining, and corrosion.

Japanese and German steels are some of the best types of steel to look for in Damascus knives.

The handle of the chef knife

The handle is equally important as the blade.

This is because the handle determines how comfortable the blade will be when you grip it in the hands.

Usually, the best handle to look for is one that is ergonomically designed since such handles are easy to hold and comfortable.

Additionally, the best handle should be made from a material that is impervious to heat and does not get damaged by water or moisture in the kitchen.

Some of the common handle materials in Damascus knives are such as wood, fiberglass, metal, and hard plastics.


Damascus steel knives are not cheap like ordinary cooking knives.

Usually, the prices of these blades differ from one brand to the other.

Therefore, you need to have a budget that will guide you on the best quality Damascus knives that you can afford without straining your finances.

Review of the Best Damascus Chef Knives – Top Brands & Models

Dalstrong Shogun Series Damascus Knife (Editor’s Choice)

Dalstrong is popular for making the ultimate knives for any cutting tasks in the kitchen.

The brand combines cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship to make the Dalstrong Chef’s Knife-Shogun Series 10.25” X Knife.

This Damascus blade also boasts an awe-inspiring design that sets it apart from others.

Unrivaled performance 

Peak performance has never been easier to achieve than with this Dalstrong Damascus Knife.

The cutting edge is ruthlessly sharp due to its unique hand sharpening at 8-12 degrees on each side using the legendary Honbazuke method.

The high-carbon steel blade has 66 steel layers for enhancing its durability, stain resistance, and exceptional strength.

The blade is nitrogen cooled for increased flexibility, corrosion resistance, and harness.

Superior engineering

The G-10 military-grade handle is specially engineered to perfection just like the rest of the blade.

The handle is ergonomically shaped for superb agility, hand control, and comfort.

The hand-polished spine in the handle allows for smooth handling.

The AUS-10V Japanese Steel has a Rockwell Hardness of 62+ and hence resistant to wear and tear.

Our scores:


  1. Perfectly balanced knife
  2. An ultra-sharp cutting edge
  3. A comfortable and durable G-10 handle
  4. Incredible edge retention
  5. Intricate copper mosaic on the handle enhances the beauty


  1. The scalpel-like cutting edge can inflict serious injuries if mishandled


Zelite Infinity Damascus Knife (2nd Runner-up)

If you are looking for a Damascus knife with a difference, this Zelite Infinity 8-inch is a perfect choice for you.

This well-balanced kitchen knife comes with a rounded handle that requires minimal energy and effort when you are dicing, chopping, mincing, or even slicing using the knife.

The ergonomic handle is not only easy to grip or any hand size but also minimizes wrist tension.

Hand sharpened 

The Zelite Infinity Chef Knife comes ready and ultra-sharp when new since it is hand sharpened at the factory by expert bladesmiths.

The 12-degree cutting edge in the blade makes it effortless to slice meat, steak, chicken, and sushi easily.

The blade comes with a Zelite signature engraved on the blade.

It is worth noting that the blade is resistant to corrosion, rust, and acidic reactions.


This one is a versatile blade that is designed for multi-purpose cutting, slicing, dicing, and mincing tasks in the kitchen.

Additionally, this easy-to-hold blade boasts a flexible blade that allows for maneuverability when working on food items with different levels of hardness.

It is ideal for heavy-duty use in a restaurant or normal cutting needs in a home kitchen.

Our scores:


  1. Maneuverable and flexible blade
  2. Ergonomic handle that is easy to hold
  3. Versatile blade with a multi-purpose aspect
  4. Ultra-sharp edge from the factory
  5. Strong and durable construction


  1. The blade is not ideal for washing in a dishwasher

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LEVINCHY Chef Knife (Best for Gifting)

The Levinchy Damascus knife is made using superior quality Japanese Damascus steel with 67 layers and a Rockwell Hardness of 60+/2.

This type of steel is famous for its wear resistance, durability, and anti-corrosion and rust resistance properties.

If you are looking for the best gift for your buddy who is into food preparation and cooking, this chef knife is the perfect choice for you as it comes with a compact black gift box.

Premium G10 handle 

The Premium quality G-10 military-grade handle in this kitchen knife comes with life-long durability.

What is more amazing about this handle is that it is triple-riveted for enhanced strength.

The handle is ergonomically shaped to provide superior control, comfort, and a reassuring appeal to the hands.

The handle tucks in perfectly into the palm and thus allows for a firm hand grip irrespective of your hand size.

Professional 8” Chef Knife

The perfect curvature and super sharp edge combination make it a professional-level knife.

The blade is hand polished and finished at 8-12 degrees per side thereby meeting all the cutting needs of any pro chef.

The forged edge is razor-sharp for easy cutting and holds its edge quite well for a long time.

The elegant water ripple surface adds an enjoyable aspect and fun cooking experience.

Our scores:


  1. Multi-function blade
  2. Premium quality and comfortable handle
  3. The perfect gift for any budding chef
  4. Durable 67-layer steel
  5. Hand polished and finished for a super sharp edge


  1. The cutting gets damaged easily when used on frozen foods

FANTECK Damascus Steel Chef Knife (Best for Design)

Chefs who love stylish and classy Damascus chef knives will definitely all in love with this one due to its beautiful blue handle and stylish blade.

This Damascus blade is expertly designed to provide cooks with an effortless and fun slicing experience.

The razor-sharp edge is ideal for dicing, slicing, mincing, and chopping fruits, meat, vegetables, sushi, and steak.

Comfortable ergonomic handle 

This chef knife is designed for utmost convenience and reliability to all cooks; whether amateurs or pros.

In line with this, the handle of the blade features an ergonomic shape that contributes greatly to excellent grips, superior control, perfect balance, agility, and comfort.

As such, cooks can use this Damascus chef’s knife for long sessions without experiencing any wrist fatigue or muscle strains.

The handle is made from superior quality blue glass fiber G10 material.

Japanese Damascus steel 

It is expertly crafted from superior quality VG-10 Japanese stainless steel.

This 67-layer high carbon steel boasts exceptional strength, stain resistance, and durability.

With 62+ Rockwell Hardness, the steel is resistant to common damaging factors like corrosion, rust, and staining.

The blade is taken through an intensive nitrogen cooling technique and vacuum heat treatment for enhanced hardness and resilience.

Our scores:


  1. Classy design that attracts attention
  2. Comfortable handle for ease of use
  3. Razor-sharp edge
  4. Perfect balance & control for long cooking sessions
  5. Gift-box available


  1. Might be a bit heavy for some people

Deik Chef’s Knife Damascus (Best for Durability)

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Deik blades are durable, reliable, and powerful.

As such, this Damascus knife is made to withstand the impacts of daily wear and tear in a busy kitchen setting.

This balanced and lightweight knife has a flatter blade that prevents it from rocking on your cutting platform.

Durable and sturdy 

The VG 10 Steel used in making this Deik Damascus edge includes Vanadium as its key ingredient.

The ingredient is responsible for ultra-hardness, superior corrosion resistance, and superb edge retention.

With this Damascus chef’s knife, you will not have to keep sharpening it regularly as you would for poor-quality Damascus steel blades.

The cutting edge is hand sharpened using a V-edge design on both sides.

Ergonomic handle 

The ergonomic handle is constructed using a solid G-10 Micarta material that is not only gentle on the hands but also quite flexible to hold.

The handle is designed uniquely to minimize wrist tension thereby providing a firm and comfortable grip.

The flexibility of the handle makes it effortless to hold or all hand sizes regardless of where you grip the handle.

This ensures that the blade is safe to use in the kitchen.

Our scores:


  1. Durable and sturdy construction
  2. Ultra-sharp cutting edge
  3. Balanced weight hence easy to control
  4. Excellent edge retention
  5. Flexible ergonomic handle


  1. The handle lacks a textured finger design

Kai Wasabi Chef’s Knife Damascus (Best Japanese Choice)

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The 6720C Kai Wasabi Damascus knife features a traditional Japanese-style design that offers both performance and elegance.

This multi-purpose knife comes in handy during food preparation in the kitchen for dicing, slicing, and general kitchen cutting needs.

Chefs working in busy kitchens and are constantly cutting a variety of food items including vegetables and fruits will find it quite reliable and useful.

Excellent for beginners and amateurs 

The 6720C is designed for use by all chefs; experienced and amateur chefs alike.

While other high-end Damascus knives are quite hard to handle and control for beginners, this Kai Wasabi blade is lightweight and well balanced.

Therefore the blade is not only easy to hold in the hands but also effortless to control when slicing, dicing, or mincing different foods.

The handle is sturdy and smooth thereby allowing chefs to enjoy a comfortable gripping experience.

Beautiful and durable blades

The blade is bead-blasted for it to acquire a decorative and attractive finish.

This blade is made using premium quality Daido 1K6 stainless steel.

This high-carbon steel is not only easy to sharpen but also has superior edge retention.

It also exhibits unique resistance against wear and tear, corrosion, rust, and dents.

Our scores:


  1. Decorative and functional blade
  2. Superior edge retention
  3. Easy to wash by hand
  4. Comfortable handle that is easy to hold
  5. Effortless to control


  1. The blade gets damaged easily when used to cut on hard surfaces like ceramic countertops

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Advantages of Using a Damascus Chef Knife?

Damascus steel knives are considerably better than the usual steel blades in different ways.

Ideally, chefs and cooks have it that these knives are fun and enjoyable to use for food preparation compared to standard steel knives.

Some of the advantages are:

Excellent durability 

Damascus steel knives are designed and built to last.

This steel treatment process ensures that it enhances the hardness, resilience, and strength of the blades.

Consequently, the blades can withstand the impacts of daily use and have negligible wear and tear.

When taken care of appropriately, these blades can last for a lifetime.

Unique edge retention

With Damascus steel knives, you do not need to worry about the inconvenience of having to sharpen the knife every time you want to use it.

The blades retain their edges for a long time and when used appropriately, the blades can even last for a whole year without having to be sharpened.

However, you should hone the cutting edge regularly to straighten it for a better cutting experience.

Multi-purpose blades

Damascus steel blades are designed with a multi-purpose appeal.

In addition to slicing, dicing, and mincing, these blades are ideal for other tasks such as transferring ingredients from the cutting board to the cooking pot and even boning beef.

Due to the width of these blades as well as their long lengths, Damascus blades are also ideal for slicing vegetables when preparing sushi.

Beautiful and attractive chef knives 

Damascus steel knives not only feature unique and stylish designs but are also beautiful and attractive.

The blades come with contrasting color shades that complement the décor of the handles as well as that of the blade.

These knives add life and uniqueness to your knife collection.

How to Care for Your New Damascus Knife?

Despite Damascus blades being sturdy and solidly constructed, they need to be taken good care of and maintained accordingly for them to last for long.

Here are a few tips on how you can care for and maintain your knife:

Avoid abrasives 

The easiest way of guaranteeing that the cutting edge in your Damascus knife stays in pristine condition at all times is by ensuring that you don’t use abrasives on the blades.

Rough objects that are likely to damage the etched oxidation in the blades should be avoided.

Abrasives such as metal polishes, rough clothes, and steel wool scratch the surface of the blade extensively thereby making it susceptible to corrosion, rust, and discoloration.

Store the blade properly

When you are not using it, you should store it safely in a dry and clean environment.

You can store the blade in a wooden block or even on a magnetic strip.

Avoid storing your knife in leather sheaths as the acids and chemicals used in tanning leather can oxidize the blade thereby leading to corrosion.

Always use a cutting board

It is recommendable that you should never use a Damascus blade or any other knives thereof on hard surfaces such as ceramic countertops.

Such surfaces dent the cutting edge and thus affect the sharpness of the blade as well as its durability.

Use a cutting board when slicing, chopping, or mincing food items with your Damascus knife.

Avoid washing it in a dishwasher

Washing a Damascus knife in the dishwasher damages the cutting edge to a great extent.

This is because the collision of the blade and other utensils in the dishwasher dents the cutting edge thereby making the knife dull and blunt.

Instead, always wash your knife by hand using a soft towel, utensil detergent, and running water.

After washing your new Damascus knife, rinse it dry with a towel before storing it.


What is a Damascus chef knife?

The best description of this knife is a blade whose steel has been taken through the Damascus steel treatment process.

This process hardens the blades and makes them more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

These knives feature unique patterns and designs on the blades.

Should you buy a handmade Damascus steel cutter?

Yes, definitely give it a try.

I haven’t personally used it, but I’ve heard good things about it from people I know.

Are Damascus chef knives good?

Damascus knives boast of exclusive quality and perform well throughout their lives.

Therefore, these knives are good and perfect for use by all types of chefs including ordinary cooks at home.

Is Damascus steel the best for knives?


Because Damascus steel remains sharp for longer, is more versatile and durable compared to standard steel types.

Can Damascus steel rust?


Despite Damascus steel being considerably resistant to rusting, it can corrode and rust if not taken care of properly.

Due to this, you should ensure that you do not leave the knife in water for long durations and that the surface of the blade does not get scratched.

Do Japanese brands such as Yoshihiro offer this kind of knife?

Yes, some of them do manufacture Damascus cooking knives.

Is there any knife set of this type?

I’m sure there are.

You can search on Amazon for a bunch of great suggestions.

Can you sharpen Damascus steel?

Yes. Damascus steel does not require any special techniques or concepts for sharpening.

Also, you can use a wide variety of sharpeners including a whetstone, electric sharpeners, and sharpening steel rods to sharpen Damascus steel.

How much does a Damascus knife cost?

The price of Damascus knives ranges from a few dollars for less popular and low-quality brands to hundreds of dollars for established brands with superior quality design and construction.


Owning a Damascus steel knife is undoubtedly one of the greatest achievements any chef can boast of as far as their knife collection is concerned.

These are blades that are specially designed and built for daily use in any kitchen setting.

You can harness the potential of these blades to improve your food preparation and cooking skills.

Through our research, we’ve found that the Dalstrong Shogun Series Chef Knife is the best pick for most chefs.

It comes from a respectable brand, made with superior craftsmanship, making it the top pick in the market.

Another option we’d like to highlight is the Zelite Infinity Chef knife.

This is a Gyuto-style blade that would please even the most seasoned of chefs.

And if you’re on the hunt for a Damascus knife on a budget, we suggest the LEVINCHY Damascus Chef knife.

While it doesn’t have some of the other premium features from other models, it is one of the sharpest and most functional models you can get on a budget.

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