Best Electric Fillet Knives For Cleaning Big Fishes And Small Fishes

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You know what?

One of the main components you need while filleting a fish is a proper fish filleting knife.

Using a normal kitchen knife to do the job will result in poor results.

Some of the ideal choices you can use include electric & cordless knives as well.

However, it might be a daunting task to identify the best electric fillet knives for fish since there are many.

And that’s why I created this short guide for you.

In this guide, you will find reviews and a nice how-to guide on choosing the right electric fillet knives.

Sounds good?

Let’s dive into it.

Best Electric Fillet Knives For Cleaning Fishes (Updated List)

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Benefits of Good Electric Fillet Knives When Filleting Fishes

Using the cordless electric filleting knife has many advantages. Some of them include:

The electric knife doesn’t need extra strength

You don’t need to apply any pressure while cutting the fish flesh since the electric motor does all the cutting, chopping, and slicing.

If you particularly have a wrist defect, then the electric model is specifically designed for you. You only need to have a firm grip on the blade and then slide the filled.

The blade is designed with ultra-sharp and long-lasting blades for filleting fish with ease and in an effective manner. This can save you a lot of time and money, especially if you’re filleting a big or a batch of fish.

Electronic filleting knife has improved safety and accuracy

With the number of knives related accidents on the rise, there has never been a great time to switch from your traditional tool to a modern appliance.

An electric knife lowers the risk of getting injured or finger cutting when filleting your fish for any fisherman who uses it. This is because the blades are made with carving in mind and are best known for their accuracy hence saving you a lot of time.

Buying Guide 

Are you having a rough time choosing the filleting knife? Or are you planning on upgrading from the traditional model to an electric fillet model?

Our buyer’s guide will offer you all you need to know in order to make the right choice. Here is what you need to consider:

Blade Size

Since filleting knives comes in different sizes, it wise to consider the type of fish you filleting.

If you’re filleting a big fish, you need a longer blade. Get yourself a 6″ to 7″ cutter to get your job done.

For your kitchen needs, less than a 6-inch model will serve your purpose.

Blade material

The blade materials you prefer determine the durability of your fillet knife. Go for high-quality stainless steel to serve you for a longer period.

This blade is resistant to rust, pit, and staining. Besides, it is also easy to wash though it should not be soaked in water as it affects the electric motor.


Why cut yourself while filleting your fish?

The best fillet knife should have a good grip and handle. Consequently, it should perfectly fit in your palm and not slip off while cleaning and cutting the slippery fish skin and meat.

Consider the Knife Flexibility

Choose a flexible blade for your needs. For instance, if you’re looking for a kitchen-based knife, then a longer blade is not adjustable.

For fishers handling a big batch and large fish batches, you can get yourself the longer blade. Besides, blades should not be rigid, because, this makes it hard to clean with such blades.

Reviews of the Best Products

Bubba Electric Fillet Knife (Editor’s Choice)

The non-slip grip handle of this modern fillet knife gives you ultimate control. The handle is complemented by a trigger guard meant to enhance your security.

The blade has a dual-rivet design to make sure the product is both durable and efficient. The TiN stainless steel coating further enhances durability.

This best cordless fillet knife comes with a zippered storage case with spaces to keep the removable blades. The case even has a handle to allow you convenience when going fishing.

You can choose the blade you want since there are four different blades ranging from 9-12 inches. All the blades are super sharp where they can cut through the flesh and bones of almost any fish.

This electric fillet knife is also reliable. It comes with two lithium-ion batteries. Changing these batters is facilitated by the wall charger that is compatible with the standard power sources.

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Mister Twister Electric Fillet Knife (2nd Runner-up)

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The cutting torque of this fillet knife is 50% more than any standard filleting knife. Improved torque means you are able to meet all your filleting needs without having to use a lot of energy.

Power provision on this knife is also superior, thanks to the 120V AC. With this power, you can be assured that it is the best electric fillet knife for big fish.

This filleting model comes with a safety lock that is specially designed to enhance your safety when carrying it.

Its dimensions are 8 inches by 12 inches by 2 inches, and the total weight is 1.41 pounds. These dimensions make it ideal to be used by almost anyone, irrespective of the size of your palm.

This filleting model is also elegant. Its design features flashy green and yellow colors. The colors are strategically put on the handle for everyone to see.

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Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife (Best for Heavy-Duty Filleting)

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03/16/2022 02:36 pm GMT

Another good choice on the list of electric fillet knives today.

Just as the name suggests, this is a heavy-duty electric fillet knife that you can use on almost any type of fish. Its top-class performance is made possible by a 110V heavy-duty motor that provides it with ample power.

Filleting using this product is fatigue-free since it has a relaxed grip design. The handle has anti-slip properties to ensure you have better control of its usage.

While using this model, you will have the necessary freedom to move about your filleting table. The 8 feet power cord provides you with ample space to work freely.

This model is also dishwasher safe, where you can put it together with other utensils on your dishwasher. With this option, you can relax knowing that you will not have a hard time trying to clean it after filleting.

Its speed is also remarkable, where it has twice the speed compared to most ordinary filleting knives. You get to save time by working faster when using this model.

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Rapala Deluxe Fillet Knife (Best for Convenience)

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03/16/2022 02:02 am GMT

The edges on this electric filleting knife are made using stainless steel. This does not only make them durable, but it also means they take longer to get blunt.

This model comes with adapters for a 12V lighter plug, 12V post clips, and a 110 AC battery. These adapters allow you to use it with the power source that is most convenient for you.

This product has a modernized airflow design and a relaxed grip body. The importance of these attributes is to ensure the user is comfortable at all times.

The 18 feet power cord has the purpose of providing the freedom to use the product without restrictions. Users do not have to stand at a static position on their filleting tables.

There are 6″ and 7.5″ blades on the bag that comes with this electric fillet knife. The two blades of different sizes give you the opportunity to choose the blade that you are more comfortable with.

The motor’s design minimizes noise and provides enough power to cut even through bones.

Definitely one of the best choices out there.

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Lithium-Ion Fillet Knife (Best for Control)

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03/11/2022 12:19 am GMT

It uses some of the most lasting lithium-ion batteries to allow prolonged usage. Each battery has a run time of about 80 minutes, therefore allowing uninterrupted filleting.

The package that comes with this product contains two edges, which measure 6 and 7.5 inches. These blades are made with stainless steel and have a reciprocating design.

The usage of this product is fatigue-free, mainly because the handle has a relaxed grip.

It might be the best cordless fillet knife currently. You only need to charge it in any place with a compatible power source, including in a car or a boat.

This model has a total weight of 1 pound, and the dimensions are 1 inch by 13 inches by 8 inches. These dimensions and weight make it one of the most portable filleting knives on the market.

The model has a multi-color design. This plays the role of making the entire unit look optimally elegant while at the same time protecting its inner components.

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American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife (Best for Power)

The main reason that makes this electric fillet knife perfect for filleting is the pro series motor. It gets double torque compared to ordinary filleting knives, which allows it to cut even through bones easily.

The motor remains cool for extended hours, thanks to the advanced airflow design.

This model is compatible with an assortment of other blades from the same manufacturer. These include curved blades to enable users to be able to fillet even the tight angles.

It has an anti-slip handle that helps the users have better control of their filleting work. The handle also has a relaxed operation style to reduce fatigue on the users.

Comparison in the market gives this product one of the most extended lifespans. The fact that it is made using stainless steel allows it to be used for years without rusting or getting damaged.

The stainless steel used to make this filleting model further ensures that it remains sharp for longer. You do not need to keep sharpening the edges every now and then since they can cut even through bones without getting blunt.

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Bent’s Best Fish Fillet Knife (Best for Beginners)

This fillet knife is regarded as one of the best because of the extra sharp edges. They are designed in a way that they can be used for hours without needing to be sharpened.

This product gets its power from a heavy-duty 110-volt motor making it the best electric fillet model for big fish. With this motor, you enjoy optimum cutting Cycle per Minute (CPM) to make your work faster.

The inner components of this electric fillet knife, including the motor, are protected by high-impact housing. This housing further provides it with a compact design, consequently making it easier to handle.

Controlling this product is simple mainly because of the comfortable contoured handle. There is also the anti-slip property on the handle to provide a better grip.

Its safety lock is responsible for enhancing safety, especially when it is not being used. This is complemented by the convenient blade release to allow a simplified change of blades and cleaning.

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American Angler PRO Electric Knife (Best for Durability)

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The primary feature of this electric filleting knife is the 8″ blade coated with titanium. The coating provides the necessary durability allowing the knife to be usable for years.

This electric fillet knife uses one of the most powerful motors in the market, consequently providing first-class performance. The 110V produced by the motor makes it a good choice for cleaning fish.

For easier storage and carrying, this blade comes with a ventilated nylon mesh case. The case allows proper aeration whenever it is not being used.

The power of this fillet knife comes from a 40 mm professional series shielded motor. The motor shield enhances durability, with the motor being protected from external components.

The handle has a cool-to-touch design, which allows this electric fillet knife to be used for hours without any discomfort. Your hand will not experience any discomfort when using this model because the motor does not overheat.

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American Angler PRO Professional Grade (Best for Comfortability)

The advanced airflow design on this blade makes it ideal to be used for long hours without overheating. The airflow keeps the ergonomic handle cool for hours, therefore, making it one of the best fillet knives in the market.

The torque produced by the motor on this product is double the torque produced by most ordinary filleting knives. With this kind of torque, users can cut even through big bones with ease.

The dimensions of the product are 12′” by 5.5″ by 3.75″. These are ideal dimensions for a filleting knife that is meant to be used in heavy-duty tasks.

The blades that come with it are made using stainless steel, making them ideal for filleting even fish with tough scales.

This electric fillet knife can work with blades of different sizes made in different styles. The importance of this is to give you the freedom to use the blade you need depending on the fish you are filleting.

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The Basics

Are you preparing a big fish or a batch of a lot of fish? The traditional blade may not be effective to do the work. Having the best knives will make your work effortless.

Electric knives are unlike your ordinary kitchen model. They can slice, chop, and cut fish with high efficiency and precision.

Electric knives have two serrated blades clipped together. Once you choose the appliance, the blade moves nonstop lengthways providing cuts similar to a saw.

Electric knives come in two types; corded or cordless. These are a-must-have appliances if you want to save time while prepping your fish meals.

Moreover, you can use the serrated electric one for other DIY craft activities.

However, choosing one can be a daunting task.  Currently, the market is full of different models.

It is critical to have full knowledge of what to look for when choosing the best electric knife.


Can a fillet knife hack off raw meat?

Electric knives will hack raw meat with precision and ease for any fisherman. They will also withstand even turkey or chicken baked whole by breaking down the beef with accuracy.

Can you sharpen the edges when they get dull?

Normally, electric knife blades (cordless knives) remain sharp for longer than the traditional fillet knife blades. However, in case it dulls, you can sharpen it to ensure the blade is in its optimal shape for your work.

Which are some good blade materials?

The electric fillet knife is designed using:

Can I use this type of knife to fillet crappie?

Yes, for sure.

You can definitely filet crappie easily with an electric filet knife.

There is no difference between crappie and other types of fishes when it comes to cleaning them.

What food can these blades be used with?

Use the slicing blade on various foods: fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, cakes, bread, poultry, and raw meat.

How should I clean the knife?

As much as possible, avoid dishwashing. Wash the blades using hands in warm soapy water and immediately dry it.

When cleaning the motor or power unit, be sure to use damp clothing and dry without immersing in water.

How do I store it?

Most of the manufacturers issue a protective cover. Ensure it is always in a protective cover before storage.

Why did my battery run flat during the first use?

Once new, the electric knife has typically a little amount of charge left. It would help if you charged the battery thoroughly before using it.

It is recommended that you set it for up to 12 hours. Be sure to recharge only when the battery fully discharges before recharging.

Between the corded and cordless electric fillet knife, which is the better choice?

If you intend to use this knife for home needs, then a corded knife is the best choice.

For people on the road, such as the fishermen, the best fillet knife for cleaning fish is the cordless electric fillet knife.

What is the best electric fillet knife for fishes?

There are many choices of electric models that you can choose from: We have reviewed for you some of the best knives in the market. Among the top brands include:

Should I follow its instructions manual?

Yes, every electric fillet knife comes with an instruction manual from the manufacturer.

Ensure you read through it carefully. It helps you to know the DOs and the DONTs of using the knife.


Now you know about them all. This article has highlighted the top fillet knives you can find in the market currently.

You just need to go through the different knives’ features to identify the ones with the qualities you want.

Bubba’s electric filleter comes with four serrated blades of different lengths and sizes. It’s one of the more expensive options in the market but with all its features (rechargeable, cordless, relatively quiet), this is a really good buy.

Many also laud Mister Twister because, for its stark simplicity (, it functions quite well. It is also extremely cheap.

Rapala is another brand often complimented by users because it is for heavy-duty use, something that fish-loving folk truly appreciate. It is also fairly priced.

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