Best Fillet Knives For Bass Fishing (Electric And Manual): Which One Would You Choose?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 12/14/20 •  9 min read

When cleaning a bass, you will need the best fillet knives for bass.

A fillet knife features a razor-sharp blade that cuts through the flesh and bones. That also makes it ideal for boning fish.

Also, such a knife has an ergonomic handle that is non-slip. You can clean your fish even if your hands are wet, all thanks to the non-slip grip.

With plenty of fillet knives on the market, finding incredible models might be a daunting task.

But in this article, I will show you some of the biggest players when it comes to this hot topic.

Let’s take a look.

Best Electric & Manual Fillet Knives For Bass (Updated List)

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03/16/2022 01:37 am GMT

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Buying Guide

The Blade

Stainless steel is the standard material here. It is rust-resistant and retains ultra-sharp performance for a long time.

Go for a coated one for rust resistance and smooth cutting performance.

Also, check for the size and length.

The size of your fish will determine the length of the blade. But a 9-inch length may be ideal for small to medium-size fish.

As such, settle on a 9-inch product if you don’t know the size of the fish you will be filleting.

Also, look for a thin and curved one when shopping.  A flexible and curved blade is easier to maneuver when filleting a fish.

The Handle

Make sure your handle is ergonomic for a comfortable feel.

Also, it should be non-slip so that you don’t loosen your grip on the blade.

An ergonomic and non-slip handle will give you better control of the blade when filleting any fish.

The handle should also be durable. TPE handles are a great choice and are sure to go for rubber handles since they have one of the best non-slip grips.

A high-quality handle will make it durable for extended performance.


An ultra-sharp blade will fillet the fish excellently.

Your knife should be ultra-sharp so that it can cut through flesh and bones without demanding more effort from you.

Since your blade may dull after a few uses, be sure to buy a knife that includes a sharpener.

Product Reviews

Magreel (Best Overall)

This one has premium-quality materials.

Its blade comprises the German G4116 stainless steel as the material, which helps your blade to stay sharp and resist corrosion and rust.

You could get it in 7-inch and 9-inch-long blades. So, you might want to choose a blade length that will work best for you in this situation.

This knife comes with a two-stage grindstone sharpener for honing the blade when it becomes dull.

The polymer handle is ergonomic and non-slip for better control. It feels comfortable in your grip to allow you to fillet and bone your meat.

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KastKing (2nd Runner-up)

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03/16/2022 01:59 am GMT

The 9-inch razor-sharp blade boasts a high-quality material: G4116 German stainless steel.

It cuts through flesh and bones, making it an ideal knife for filleting and boning fish.

The curved blade design makes it perform exceptionally well during the filleting and boning of fish.

The black coating makes it corrosion-resistant, and this makes it durable.

The handle is ergonomic and non-slip, thanks to a high-quality polymer material. Therefore, it gives you impressive control during performance.

It comes with a vented sheath that allows hot air to flow out. It’s a razor-sharp knife with impressive control and might be perfect for striped bass.

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Bubba (Best for Rust Resistance)

It has an 8Cr13MoV high-carbon stainless steel blade that is razor-sharp.

Due to its material, its functionality is impressive, especially with its curved design.

The Ti-Nitride coated blade also resists rust and corrosion. Therefore, you can use it in any environment, including a salty one.

The non-slip and ergonomic handle give you better control of it. The handle also has a safety guard that protects your hand.

After use, you can always put back it in its synthetic sheath.

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Rapala (Best for Handiness)

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03/11/2022 12:19 am GMT

If you’re looking for the best electric fillet knife for bass, check this knife out.

As an electrical device, it features rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries.

It comes with two reciprocating types: a 6-inch and a 7.5-inch-long blade.

The stainless steel blades are ultra-sharp and cut through any flesh with consistent power, thanks to the high-torque batteries.

The handle is non-slip and ergonomic for better performance control.

The carrying case has EVA padding that protects your knife and its components, even during one of those bumpy rides.

The batteries can run for 80 straight minutes for uninterrupted performance.

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Outdoor Edge (Best for Durability)

Outdoor Edge ReelFlex-Pak, 5-Piece Professional Grade Fishing Fillet Knife Combo Set with Three Knives, Sharpener and a Hard Side Carry Case
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE FISH FILLET KNIFE SET- Includes three fillet knives in 6", 7.5" and 9.5" blade lengths and carbide/ceramic sharpener.
  • KNIVES - razor sharp German 4116 stainless steel blades with ergonomic TPE non-slip handle.
  • BLADE SHARPENER - two-stage knife sharpener with carbide and ceramic sharpening bits.
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03/18/2022 02:34 am GMT

This 5-piece set contains three fillet knives for bass.

From the knives, you get 6, 7.5, and 9.5-inch blades. They are not only sharp but very durable, thanks to the German 4116 stainless steel material.

The handles are ergonomic and non-slip. The TPE material also ensures they are very durable for extended service life.

You could use the knives with wet hands and still have better control of their performance.

The knives are bound to get dull at some point. It’s great this set includes a two-stage sharpener with ceramic and carbide bits.

Every component sits excellently within the hard-side storage case for protection.

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Bubba Whiffie Extreme Flex (Best for Control)

Bubba 6 Inch Ultra Flex Tapered Fillet Knife with Non-Slip Grip Handle, 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel Blade, Lanyard Hole and Synthetic Sheath for Fishing
  • DIMENSIONS: 11” overall length with 6” blade
  • EASE OF USE: Non-Slip Grip handle for outstanding grip security providing ultimate knife control with trigger grip for added security
  • RELIABLE: Features safety guards for protection from the blade and spines of fish
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03/16/2022 03:44 pm GMT

One notable feature of this knife is its ultra-flex stainless steel blade. It is sleek and sporty that cuts precisely during filleting performances.

The 8Cr13MoV stainless steel retains the ultra-sharp performance longer and works in any salty condition.

The Ti-Nitride coated blade resists rust and corrosion. Besides, the 6-inch length is enough for filleting fish and ordinary game.

The non-slip handle feels comfortable in your grip since it’s also ergonomic.

Filleting your meat is never a problem, even if your hands are wet or oily.

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American Angler (Best for Power)

This knife looks really good since it delivers 2X more torque for filleting performance.

It is a heavy-duty knife that can perform larger filleting tasks. The impressive torque powers the blade to cut through a bone of any size.

It is a corded knife with a powerful motor. The 8-inch stainless steel blade has a razor-sharp edge for slicing through flesh and bones with smoothness.

The drive train is also very durable and lasts 4X longer than that from competing models.

The handle is ergonomic and has rubber parts for non-slip performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my knife dishwasher safe?

No, washing by hand is the ideal cleaning method here. A dishwasher has rotating components that may dull your blade.

How do I sharpen my blade?

Your whole package may come with a sharpener for honing its blade once it becomes dull. In case your knife doesn’t come with one, be sure to buy a sharpener.

Can I charge my electric knife while it’s in use?

No, you will only be damaging your batteries. Be sure to charge your batteries when they’re not powering your knife if you want them to serve you for a long time.

How do I clean my electric fillet knife?

Your product has electrical components that should remain dry. Handwash the blade and wipe the handle with a slightly damp cloth.

Should the blade be flexible?

A rigid one will not be the best choice here. It should follow your hand movements and not break. Therefore, your chosen model should have a flexible blade.

What knife length do I need to fillet a fish?

A 6-inch blade is ideal for small to medium size fish. But larger fish will need 9-inch models. Its size depends on the fish you’re going to fillet.

Can I use a fillet knife as a boning knife?

Yes, most fillet knives are versatile, and you can use them as boning knives. Besides, their ultra-sharp edges cut through flesh and large bones, making them serve as boning knives for fish.


The best fillet knives for bass should have ultra-sharp blades that can cut through flesh and bones.

Also, it has an ergonomic handle that doesn’t slip from your grip.

Since the knives on the list have those features so far, they might give you the best filleting performance.

Invest in the best filleting knife and take your cooking skill to a whole new level.

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