Top 7 Best Knife Sets Under $200: Which One Would You Choose?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 03/02/21 •  12 min read

The sub-$200 range is a great place to look for knife sets.

In this range, you’ll find some really great collections that can serve you for a very long time without having to bust the bank.

And in this day and age, you’re always one Google search away from all the options and choices you can imagine, which can make picking out the right one a pretty tough task.

That’s why we’ve done the research and compiled reviews of some of the best knife sets under $200 in today’s market and put all that information in one convenient article.

On top of that, we’ve also included a buying guide at the end, so if you’ve been on the hunt for a cutlery collection for your kitchen, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on to learn more.

Best Knife Sets Under $200 (Updated List)

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03/18/2022 02:32 am GMT

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What To Look For When Buying

Pieces Included

This is one of the first and most important things to consider when shopping for knife sets.

First and foremost, any functional set should contain the three essential kitchen knives which are the chef, paring, and serrated knife.

These tools can help you get just about any job done in the kitchen and offer a lot of flexibility.

Great extras to have are slicing knives, kitchen shears, utility knives, and a santoku.

A santoku is a Japanese version of a chef knife that can be used as an alternative to the standard chef knife and is actually preferred by a lot of chefs out there.

From there, it could also help if a set included table knives such as serrated steak knives as they can be very useful in building a cutlery collection.

And if you don’t have a proper place to store your blades, you might also want to consider collections that come with a storage block and honing steel, which are essential in maintaining the edge of your blades.

Materials Used

The next thing to consider is the actual components used to build the knives.

The materials you have to make sure to keep an extra close lookout for are the knife steel and handle material used in building the knife.

Ideally, you would want blades made out of high-carbon steel, as this material can hold its edge for very long and be sharpened very precisely.

You’d also want to make sure the material is stainless so you won’t have to worry about rust affecting your blades.

For handles, it’s best to go for synthetic materials, especially in this price range since wooden handles that aren’t made right can be weak and won’t last you too long.

Look out for PP (polypropylene) handles as this is a cheap and reliable material for blade handles and is very easy to clean.

PakkaWood and stainless steel are also great options since they are water-resistant, sanitary, and could also give your knives a very unique aesthetic.


Next up, it’s very important to look at how the knives were actually made.

The most integral thing about a knife‘s construction is the tang or the part of the blade that is not seen and inside the handle.

A full-tang knife is one where the blade runs throughout the entire handle, which gives you great balance when cutting and slicing.

Ideally, in this price range, you would want to make sure that all the products in the collection are full-tang.

Another point to consider is whether the blades are stamped or forged.

Forging is an arduous process wherein the blade is shaped out of a single piece of stainless steel, this is the more expensive way of building knives but makes for a much more durable blade in the long run.

Stamping involves laser-cutting the blades out of a large sheet of stainless steel before treating it and sharpening it.

While they are not as durable as forged products, they can still hold their edge for a fairly long time and help reduce the cost of the blades by a fair amount.

Either one of these options would be great for a home kitchen, and it will all depend on your needs and preferences at the end of the day.

Product Reviews

1. J.A. Henckels International Statement (Editor’s Choice)

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03/18/2022 02:32 am GMT

Kicking things off is a very convenient set from one of the most acclaimed cutlery brands on the market today.

This Henckels set comes with all the essentials plus six steak knives and a beautiful storage block, which is one of the highlights of the entire collection.

This is because the set comes with built-in sharpeners in the knife slots, so you can maintain the edge on your blades whenever you pull them out or stick them in the slots.

On top of that, the blades are all made of high-carbon steel and are full-tang in construction, which gives you great edge-retention and balance when in use.

These blades are stamped, which is why they are very lightweight, which could greatly reduce the stress and strain on your hands when working in the kitchen.

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2. Karcu 15-Piece Set (2nd Runner-up)

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03/16/2022 03:45 pm GMT

Next up is this very practical Karcu set with a rustic aesthetic that would be a great fit in just about any kitchen out there.

This rustic aesthetic comes from the wooden tone on the handles which perfectly match the rotating acacia storage block.

The rotating storage block is a huge plus as it looks great while also provides a lot of functionality in the kitchen.

The blades are all made out of high-carbon stainless steel, which gives them great edge retention, so you won’t have to worry about sharpening these blades too much.

But if you do have to sharpen them, the set also comes with a honing rod so you won’t have to worry about buying sharpening tools separately.

Included in the set are all the essential kitchen knives, kitchen shears, and steak knives that you can use when the food is served.

If you’ve been looking for a modern yet rustic aesthetic, you might have just found it with this Karcu collection.

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3. FAMCÜTE Japanese Knife Set (Best for Western Style)

For a lot of cooks out there, Japanese-style kitchen cutlery is the ideal option.

After all, they are sharper and more comfortable than their German counterparts.

However, a lot of these sets can be very expensive, which is why this FAMCUTE option is a very welcome one for those looking for a Japanese knife set on a budget.

It comes with four essential kitchen knives with a hammered tsuchime finish, which gives the blade a unique aesthetic and makes sure that no ingredients will stick to the blade while cutting and slicing.

The high-carbon steel blades are attached to beautiful wooden handles which are ergonomically shaped.

But take note, if it’s your first time using Japanese-style cutlery, it might take some time to get used to these octagonal handles, but it will be worth it in the long run.

And on top of all that, it comes with a wooden storage block that you can use to keep your blades safe.

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4. TUO Black Hawk Knife Set (Best for Comfort)

Next up is a very sleek set with a unique storage block from TUO.

All the knives are full-tang in construction, are triple-riveted, and have a unique ergonomic shape that makes kitchen prep work a whole lot easier.

The blades are all forged with high-carbon German steel, so this set has the potential to last you a very long while in the kitchen.

On top of that, the unique knife block allows you to really showcase your blades while keeping them safe.

This set has all the essentials one would need when working in the kitchen, which makes it a great option for anyone looking to build a cutlery set and is starting from scratch.

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5. Calphalon Contemporary SharpIN Nonstick 13-Piece Cutlery Set (Best for Non-stickiness)

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03/18/2022 02:33 am GMT

The next set on our list features a sleek and modern look that would fit great in any modern kitchen.

The blades have non-stick properties, so you won’t have to worry about residue getting left on the blade when cutting.

On top of that, they are all forged and full-tang which gives you a lot of durability and stability when going about work in the kitchen.

The set includes all the essential kitchen tools, including steak knives, shears, and a storage block, so you won’t have to worry about buying anything else with this collection.

The storage block also has built-in sharpeners in the slots, so maintenance won’t be too much of a problem either.

So if you’re looking for a low-maintenance set with a classy and professional aesthetic, this could be the pick for you.

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6. WÜSTHOF Gourmet Seven Piece Starter Block Set (Best for Starters)

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03/16/2022 01:37 am GMT

Next up is a great starter set from Wusthof that anyone can use to start building their kitchen collection.

It comes with four essential knives, honing steel, and a wooden storage block.

They are expertly crafted with high-carbon German steel, so you can expect very sharp blades with an edge that can last a really long while in the kitchen.

On top of that, they also have very comfortable and ergonomic handles that make these blades very easy to use.

So if you’ve been looking for a reliable collection from one of the most trusted brands in the market today, this can be the right pick for you.

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7. Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series Forged 19-Piece Set (Best for Eastern Style)

The last collection on our list is an ideal collection for anyone looking for great value for the price.

This affordable set contains nine essential kitchen knives, eight steak knives, honing steel, a storage block, and kitchen shears.

This is one of the most complete collections on the list, and on top of that, it comes with forged, full-tang knives (except the steak knives, which are stamped), so you won’t have to worry about the quality of these blades.

They are also made in Japanese style, so you can expect sharper blades with a unique but very ergonomic handle that has a very nice aesthetic.

So if you’re looking for the most complete set in our list, this Ginsu collection might just be the one for you.

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1. What Brand Of Knives Do Professional Chefs Prefer?

Professionals typically prefer brands that have made a name for themselves such as Shun, Wusthof, Dalstrong, MAC, and Heckels, just to name a few.

2. What Is The Best Knife Set For The Money?

Our pick for the best set for the money is the Henckels International Statement set as it is a high-quality collection of knives that come from a very respected brand, all for a very affordable price.

3. How Much Should A Good Chef Knife Cost?

Some professionals are known to spend up to $500 on a chef knife, but if you’re a home-cook looking for an everyday blade that you can use in the kitchen, you can easily find one in the sub-$150 range or even cheaper if you look hard enough.

4. Are Expensive Knife Sets Worth It?

Yes, they are, since they are made with such close attention to detail and with premium materials.

5. How Often Should I Sharpen My Knives?

Ideally, knives should be sharpened professionally at least once a year, depending on how much they are used.

6. Is It Worth It To Sharpen Cheap Knives?

Yes, this is one of the best ways you can make a cheap knife feel and slice like a premium one.

It will instantly change the way the blade feels when in use and be very worth it in the long run.

7. What Knives Stay Sharp The Longest?

Blades made of high-carbon stainless steel tend to stay sharp the longest since the carbon makes the steel very hard, but not too hard that it becomes brittle.


And with that, our list comes to an end.

There’s a lot of variety with the products on this list because everyone has different tastes and preferences.

So if you think you found the right collection for you, it might be about time you went out and got one for yourself.

And sooner or later, you’ll be using your very own knife collection for all your kitchen tasks!

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