Best Steak Knives for Your Kitchen – Read My Reviews Before You Buy

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 11/16/20 •  23 min read

Choosing the best steak knives can be hard.

Which one would you pick up to NOT ruin your yummy beef steak?

And which one would suit you the most, financially?

Because, you know, this type of cutlery set could be costly.

In order to help you out, I’ve compiled a list of the high-quality steak knife sets currently on the market.

They’re affordable, good looking (so you can show them off to your guests).

And most importantly, they will make your steak taste a lot better!

Sounds good?

Then take a look at my list below for more info.

Best Steak Knife Sets for Your Kitchen

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03/11/2022 01:34 am GMT

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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Why Would You Need a Dedicated Knife Set For Steak Meals?

If you eat steak regularly such as on a weekly basis or after a fortnight, you need to have a set of steak knives.

This set boasts several sharp table knives of different sizes, types of blades, and handles for cutting steak.

With a set of blades, you do not need to constantly sharpen one knife every now and then.

This is because you can rotate the other blades in the set.

This allows your knives to remain reliably sharp without any need for serrations.

This high-quality cutlery makes it easy for you to cut your juicy steak with the best precision and in a tidy manner.

A set of steak knives comes with blades that are specially designed for use with different types of steak.

Some of the blades are slightly heftier and longer than the others.

These blades have a modern look and as such, they will enhance the quality and uniqueness of your cutlery.

Steak knife sets make it possible to cuts meats like steak, beef, chicken, and other soft & boneless meats into fine slices.

This comes in handy when you are hosting friends or family over for dinner.

The blades are designed to cut correctly in smooth and consistent cuts.


What to Look For When Buying

best steak knives

Buying a new set of steak knives is not easy.

In fact, you might blow up your money by investing in a subpar set that won’t cut it, literally.

So, what are the things you need to pay attention to if you want to buy?

Let’s take a quick look at them.


Truth is, there is no exact number for the optimal weight.

But it is advisable that you only settle for something that is easy to hold and control for you.

In fact, considerably light models are preferred by most people.

It’s because of their ease of maneuverability and effortless handling.

Heavier models definitely have their places.

But in the end, it’s up to you to strike the right balance for your own needs.


A 6-inch steak knife is a popular option due to its versatility.

Longer blades (up to 10 inches, for example) often cut better but may be intimidating to control.

And it’s harder to make fine steak cuts with them as well.

The best thing about choosing the right size is that it offers agility and reduces the stress on your hands when cutting the meat.

The ideal size is also determined by how you intend to use the product.

For instance, if you will be using the blades for commercial purposes, get a set of long knives.

However, if it’s to be used for common domestic steak cuts in the kitchen, even a small-sized knife is still great.


Balance is an important attribute of any knife, no matter what type.

This is because balance determines the ease with which you will be able to use the blade.

Unbalanced knives are hard to use.

And the best way to determine the balance of a steak cutter is by gripping it by the handle.

The cutting blade should be stable when you do that.

So that it doesn’t feel like it is teetering towards one side when you’re using it.


There are three main types of steak blades: plain, hollow, and serrated.

Each of these types comes with its own features and unique design.

Your ultimate choice would be determined by your desired use.

For example, serrated and plain blades are the best for day to day use.

And whichever type you settle for, ensure that the blade is strong and stiff for even and smooth cutting.

How much should you pay?

Steak knife sets are priced differently depending on their features and quality.

Avoid purchasing cheap ones as they are poor in quality and are therefore not as reliable.

Additionally, low-quality blades usually have weak handles and excessively flexible blades.

That may pose a potential injurious hazard to those using the blades.

Therefore, it is advisable that you search for high-quality models.

They might cost more, of course.

But they will give you the best value for your money in the long run.

And finally, if you have a limited budget, ensure that you undertake extensive research first before making your final decision.

I highly recommend you take a look at my comparison table above first.

They’re enough for you to start with.

Care And Maintenance Tips

Caring for and maintaining your steak blades is one of the easiest ways of guaranteeing their durability and efficiency.

Steak knives are uniquely delicate cutting equipment.

These blades tend to wear out and degrade a lot faster when not taken good care of and maintained.

The most basic thing to do in maintaining your blade should be honing and sharpening the knives accordingly.

Always keep the edge sharp by using the recommended sharpener such as an electric sharpener or a stone sharpener or any other sharpener thereof.

Always wash the blade by hand after every use.

Most superior quality blades are made using high-carbon steel or stainless steel.

This makes the knives less prone to corrosion and rust.

Leaving the knife dirty will most likely destroy the blade due to the acid and other chemicals that may be in the food.

Hand-washing a steak knife allows you to extensively clean the blade while at the same time inspecting its condition.

After washing the blade, use a soft towel to dry the blade in readiness for storing the blade in a safe place.

Always use cutting boards when using these blades.

This is because the knives have thin edges that are prone to damage when cutting against hard surfaces like metal or ceramic countertops.

Plastic cutting boards are a better choice too but may prove hard to sanitize.

Always avoid dropping the knives as this may make the handles weaken or even break especially for wood handles.

Never leave a steak knife in a sink or put it in a dishwasher.

This is because the knives may become dull or destroyed due to collision with other utensils.

Additionally, leaving the knife in a sink can pose a serious safety hazard.

Store your blades in a drawer or hang them on a block or on magnetic strips.

Proper storage helps in minimizing the likelihood of the blades clashing or inflicting injuries.

Materials And Construction

The materials used in the construction of a steak knife have a great impact on the durability and reliability of the blade.

You should not overlook the need for having superior materials in the blade of choice.

Ideally, just like for other knives, there are a variety of materials used in the construction of these knives.

The best materials are high-carbon steel and stainless steel.

These two types of materials are known for their durability, solidness, ease of sharpening, and blade retention.

For people who wish to own robust steak knives, steel blades are the best choice since they are lightweight and easy to clean.

However, even with the best quality material, you will still need to take the best care and maintenance for the knife.

Just like for the material, construction also has an impact on the suitability, dependability, and reliability of a streak knife.

Top-quality knives feature a hollow construction that eliminates the likelihood of the blade sticking during cutting.

The construction of a knife also involves the design of the handle.

This is because handles determine how easy and efficient it is to hold and use the knife comfortably.

The best handle is one that is ergonomically designed as such handles provide firm and comfortable grips.

As such, it is not possible for the blade to slip the hands.


Reviews of the Top 10 Steak Knife Sets

Dalstrong Knife Shogun Series (Best Overall)

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03/11/2022 01:34 am GMT

Dalstrong is a household name when it comes to kitchen stuff, and we all know that.

And this product from their Shogun Series is proof of this.

The features of this knife set are:

G-10 handle – This is a military-grade handle of ultra-premium quality. It exhibits longevity. In addition, it is ergonomically designed for optimum comfort, agility, and control.

Performance – They are fitted with a super steel cutting core i.e. VG-10 that is ultra-sharp for optimum performance. It has a high Rockwell hardness of 62+ to facilitate edge retention. The blade is polished to an angle of 8-12 degrees on either side.

Durability – It has a high carbon content that makes it stain-resistant, durable, and gives it high strength.

Our scores:



Messermeister Avanta Fine Edge Set (High-end choice)

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03/16/2022 02:38 pm GMT

Messermeister is a reliable brand that produces exemplary steak knives.

Their kitchen knives are also good.

And this Messermeister Avanta is not an exception.

It is associated with an array of features as follows:

Sleek handle – This is made of stainless steel and has undergone sandblasting for longevity.

Material – It is made from the finest quality of German steel that is easy to re-sharpen, has edge retention, simple to maintain, is rust-resistant, and is sharp.

Forged bolster – This provides heft and balance to the knife and steel.

Versatile – This product can be used for carving and slicing through.

Our scores:



Other great collections:

Utopian Kitchen Multipurpose Steak Knife Set (Best for design)

This is a professional quality knife set for multipurpose use.

Some of the features that stand out include the following:

Cleaning – Hand cleaning is enough to maintain its hygiene standards.

Design – It is a one-piece design that eliminates the worry of loose handles falling off during use.

Stainless steel blade – The blade is easy to clean, is rust-resistant, and tarnish resistant.

Material – It is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel that can accommodate the daily demands of a standard kitchen.

Our scores:



Other knife collections:

AmazonBasics Premium (Best for the budget)

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03/18/2022 02:31 am GMT

This contains 8 pieces and is made by AmazonBasics.

The features that characterize this steak knife comprise of the following:

Cleaning – Handwashing should suffice.

Full bolster – It has a full tang to allow for a reasonable balance and weight.

Handle – This handle on this product is triple-riveted for stability.

Edges – The edges of the knife are micro-serrated thus do not require sharpening.

Our scores:



Wusthof Gourmet (Brand new choice)

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03/18/2022 02:31 am GMT

It is a set of four pieces from the famous Wusthof brand.

This cutlery set is associated with several features that include the following:

Maintenance – It can be washed either by hand or inside a dishwasher.

Handle – The product has a poly handle for aesthetics.

Blade – It is made of stainless steel and is rich in carbon for toughness and durability too.

3-rivet – This amazing steak knife is fitted with three rivets for stability and security.

Our scores:



Other chef knife collections:

Wusthof 8-Piece With Wooden Gift Box (Best for Guest Meetings)

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

This product contains 8 pieces for a rich culinary experience.

It is functional yet elegant.

Its features comprise of the following:

Material – The blade is made from stainless steel with high carbon content. This makes it strong and facilitates longer edge retention.

Performance – This product is precision-forged to guarantee precision slicing.

Cleaning – Handwashing is recommended with the help of a mild detergent before drying and storage.

Maintenance – It has a serrated edge that eliminates the need for re-sharpening.

Storage – The steak knife is sold with a high-end storage box.

Our scores:



J.A. Henckels International (Budget Choice)

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03/18/2022 02:32 am GMT

This is a product from a meticulous manufacturer i.e. ZWILLING J.A. Henckels.

The set has eight pieces inside.

There are several features that make this steak knife set particularly admirable, they include the following:

Maintenance – It can be cleaned with a dishwasher.

Edge – The cutting edge of this product is serrated. This means that it does not need to be re-sharpened at any one time.

Construction – It is manufactured as a single item with a full tang.

Durable – The steak knives are durable as a result of the quality of material used to make them i.e. stainless steel. A factor that makes it resistant to corrosion.

Our scores:



Other great knife collections:

Mozzbi Premium (Great for Gifting)

The Mozzbi brand is causing ripples in the steak knife niche of the culinary industry with its laser-cut cutlery set.

The following are some of the features that define this fine product:

Serrated edge – This can easily cut through bread, poultry, and meat. It is razor-sharp thus can handle any meal or cookbook recipe with ease.

Cleaning – Handwashing this product is enough to make it clean.

Durability – The blade of the knife undergoes optical treatment to guard against rust and provide longevity.

Full tang – This allows for pleasant weight as well as balance when the product is in the hand.

Full bolster – It is a feature that assists in keeping the hands away from the blade.

Handles – These are triple-riveted for stability. One piece of stainless steel is fused with a forged handle for reliability and better leverage. The handle is made of ABS material and is silver mirror polished.

Design – The craftsmanship is of German quality.

Material – It is made of high-quality stainless steel that is both sharp for high performance as well as durable.

Our scores:



isheTao (Cheap Alternatives)

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03/16/2022 01:48 am GMT

This is a refined product from isheTao that delivers nothing less of excellent performance.

The features that characterize these steak knives include the following:

Design – It is fitted with a full bolster that functions to keep fingers away from the sharp blade. The one-piece construction also functions to eliminate the worry of the handle falling off when loose.

Ergonomic – The one-piece design features ergonomic handles that facilitate a comfortable grip. This results in an improved experience with regard to control during cutting.

Cleaning – It can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Edge – The edge is micro-serrated therefore, it does not require sharpening.

Material – This product is manufactured from stainless steel with high carbon content. This makes it easy to clean, rust-resistant, and tarnish-resistant.

Our scores:



Victorinox Swiss Classic (Classic Choice)

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03/16/2022 03:33 pm GMT

It is a 6-piece knife set from the reliable Victorinox brand.

This set of high-quality steak knives has the following features:

Handle – It is designed with ergonomic handles that are slip-resistant for safety.

Cleaning – The product can be safely cleaned in a dishwasher.

Blade – It has a serrated edge that is beneficial as it does not require sharpening, it maintains its original sharpness. This promotes effortless slicing, high reliability, and a performance that is long-lasting.

Material – As is traditional with Victorinox knives, it is manufactured using stainless steel that is more durable and easier to clean. The accuracy of the knife is also associated with high carbon stainless steel.

Performance – They are razor-sharp for precision cutting.

Our scores:



Reviews of other great knives & knife sets:


Is steak good for your health?

It will depend on a few things, but generally speaking, yes.

How much steak meat per person is optimal?

Around 1/2 to 3/4 pound per person if the meat is the main feature.

Are serrated blades better?

Over the years, serrated knives have been a decent choice for steak blades.

This is because these blades retain their sharpness for a long time as compared to straight-edged blades.

However, the serrations in the blades are not easy to sharpen.

These blades also cut through hard meat types easily while still maintaining smooth and precise cuts.

However, the choice of whether serrated blades are better is mostly a personal preference.

This is because non-serrated blades also make smooth cuts, especially for soft meats.

What is a steak knife used for?

Just like it is evident in its name, this type of knife is designed for cutting/slicing steak and soft meat like poultry.

These knives also double as utility knives but to a limited extent.

Because of their versatile designs, they are perfect for use in food preparation for tasks such as cubing cheese, halving sandwiches, splitting cherry tomatoes, trimming the fat from meat, and coring apples.

They are arguably the only sharp knives that you can find on a modern table.

You can also use the knife for slicing roast meat.

Should I buy from Wüsthof?

Yes, the brand is a reputable one, and their products are among the best.

Where do you place a steak knife?

When it comes to placing and storing, you have the freedom of choosing the best place as long as it is safe and secure.

For starters, you can make use of in-drawer knife blocks.

These blocks are usually partitioned so that you can store each knife in its own partition.

The other option you can opt for is using knife guards or sheaths for protecting the knife.

Guards and blocks ensure that the safety of the knives is guaranteed especially for families with your children who can be cut by the blades when playing.

You can also use a magnetic strip mounted on a wall to store your knives.

Can you sharpen serrated blades?

The definite answer to this question is yes.

These blades can be sharpened just like any other type of knife.

The only unique aspect about sharpening serrated blades is that it is complex compared to sharpening straight edge knives.

For serrated blades, you have to sharpen the serrations individually using a manufacturer recommended sharpening file.

For people who are new to these blades, you can consider having them sharpened professionally.

However, the blades do not require sharpening often like other types of blades.

What makes a decent steak knife?

The build quality, materials, and design are some of the aspects that make a top-end steak knife.

These knives feature durable materials such as stainless steel; materials that can withstand wear and tear due to consistent use.

What is more amazing about these blades is that they feature triple rivet construction which provides strength and good balance when cutting.

The edges of these blades also retain their sharpness for a long time hence removing the need for regular sharpening.

Is Laguiole product suitable for eating steak?

Laguiole is a unique knife style invented in France.

They are fast becoming a favorite option for many people due to their high quality.

The knives also possess other classy features such as reasonably tough, well-balanced, fairly affordable, available in a variety of materials including pakka wood and mixed French wood handles.

These blades are known to be impressively durable due to their excellent resistance to extreme wear and tear.

The blades are also known to retain their sharpness and versatility for a long time.

How long is it?

Size is an important consideration when shopping for the best steak knife.

These blades come in different sizes with the standard blade size measuring 10-12 cm.

The blade has a flat spine with a cutting edge that ascends from the handle for maximum outstretch.

The blade size has a great impact on the cutting quality with smaller blades having the best cutting quality.

A 5-inch blade is perfect for use in your home kitchen.

Are they dishwasher safe?

Ideally, there is no knife that is dishwasher safe.

This is because the cutting edges of knives are damaged due to collision with other utensils in the dishwasher.

Therefore, they are not dishwasher safe and thus you should only hand wash them.

However, there are some brands and types of steak blades that can be washed in a dishwasher according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions.

Can you use them for other things?

The best steak knife can be used for other tasks in the kitchen in addition to cutting/slicing steak.

You can use this blade for other tasks such as coring fruits, slicing cherry tomatoes, cubing cheese, and carving poultry among other tasks.

However, you should not use these blades for extreme activities such as boning or cutting hard food items.

Such tasks are likely to damage the blade.

Can steak knives be used to cut vegetables?

Since they possess unique sharpness, they can also be used for tasks other than slicing steak.

One such task is cutting vegetables.

However, there is a catch when it comes to using these blades for cutting vegetables.

This is because these blades are only ideal for cutting soft vegetables.

Additionally, since the blades are not as long as other normal knives, you can only cut a small number of vegetables at a time using a steak blade.

Who invented the steak knives?

These serrated blades have been around for a long time since prehistoric times.

These knives were used by ancient man as cutting and eating utensils for meat products.

The history dates back approximately 400 years when the modern-style steak blade was invented by a French clergyman; Cardinal Armand du Plessis.

His knife edges were rounded and were designed to enhance the table manners of people who were using sharp knives for picking their teeth.

Over the years, these blades have undergone a series of improvements and design changes to the modern-styled steak blades.

Why are the knives serrated?

The serrations make the blades ideal for cutting/slicing through foods with hard surfaces such as meats.

These teeth-like serrations catch and rip meat when the knife passes through the meat or other food items.

The serrations also help in reducing sharpening frequency.

In addition to this, serrations prevent the edge from turning once the blade comes into contact with hard surfaces such as ceramic plates.

In general, serrated edges work better compared to plain edges especially when making slicing cuts or cutting through tough surfaces.

Choosing the best steak knife will not only give you great value for your money but also helps in getting a knife that will work best for you depending on your needs.

For starters, you should always settle for a knife with good balance for easy handling and control.

It is also necessary to consider the type of handle as well as its comfort.

This is because the secret to making the best cut with a serrated knife is by having a firm and secure grip.

Search for the brands that are known to have the best quality blades that will last a lifetime.

Avoid poor-quality blades as they are usually not durable or reliable.


Steak knives are one of the most essential knives you can have in your kitchen.

And to make it easier for you to find the right set for your needs, we’ve updated our list of the best steak knife sets for your kitchen.

Based on our research, we highly recommend the Dalstrong Shogun Series Steak Knife Set.

It comes with four knives, sports Damascus steel, and can easily cut through any cooked meat or vegetable you serve.

Another great choice for those in need of high-quality steak knives is the Wusthof Gourmet Steak Knife Set.

These knives are made with close attention to detail and the superior craftsmanship Wusthof is known for.

But if you need a large set of knives for dinner parties and gatherings, we recommend the Messermeister Avanta Fine Edge Steak Knife Set.

It contains eight steak knives, allowing chefs to serve food to larger groups of people.


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