Best Utility Knives Review: What Are The Top-Rated Choices?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 11/16/20 •  19 min read

You know what?

A utility knife gives you the satisfaction of creating, repairing, or crafting things in the house.

For people who like undertaking DIY tasks, it is the ideal choice.

This versatile knife is ideal for tasks such as cutting boxes, splicing wires, slicing hard and tough food items in the kitchen.

These knives feature elaborate designs and are made using high-quality materials for excellent durability and reliability.

These blades come with glaring differences in their designs and styles, thereby making it necessary to shop around for the right blade for you.

Top 10 Utility Knives For the Money (Updated List)

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03/18/2022 02:32 am GMT

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What is a Utility Knife Used For?

It is designed for use for general or utility cutting purposes.

The blade in the knife is perfect for tasks such as cutting boxes, cutting hides, scraping hides and skins, cutting wires, slicing papers, and cleaning fish among other tasks.

How Sharp Should a Utility Knife Be?

Utility knives are usually razor-sharp since they are designed for use in cutting objects with varying toughness and hardness levels.

The blades also retain their sharpness for a long time so that you do not need to replace the blade after every few uses.

How to Choose a Good Utility Knife Your Own Needs

best utility knives

When it comes to utility knives, you need to set your focus and priorities on durability and a comfortable grip. You also need to double-check all the features to ensure that the knife is right for the tasks you want to use it for. Additionally, you should also check whether the knife of preference locks tightly when not in use. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for these knives:

The blades

For a utility knife, you need to decide whether you want a fixed, retractable, or breakaway blade in addition to the blade is razor-sharp. Retractable blades are the best since they offer added safety, require minimal effort, and are perfect for quick tasks. Fixed blades are locked in a single position and offer better stability but can prove to be cumbersome to use. Breakaway blades come with multiple connected blades. When the blade you are using becomes dull, you remove it and use another one.

The handle

A firm and secure grip are crucial when it comes to safety and cutting efficiency. Since the blades in these knives are razor-sharp, poor handling can inflict serious cuts and injuries. You should only settle for blades with high-quality handles that will provide a comfortable and firm grip. Handles with textured designs are the best since they are comfortable to hold in the hands even for long durations. Additionally, only settle for handles made using water-resistant materials like rubble and high-end wood.

Quick-change mechanism

A majority of utility knives on the market utilize a quick-change mechanism that allows the user to replace dull blades with sharp ones effortlessly and quickly. However, not all utility knives feature this mechanism. Some models have the replacement slider or button designed in a way that the blade can fall off unexpectedly. This is a serious safety hazard especially since the blades can inflict severe injuries once they fall off unexpectedly.

Blade storage

The storage of a utility knife is yet another crucial consideration when shopping for these blades. There are brands such as Sheffield and Stanley that come with an in-built storage feature. This secret compartment allows for easy access to the blades as well as safe storage. Additionally, this storage feature also enhances the quick-change mechanism of the blade.


Having a budget comes in handy when you are looking to get the best deal for a high-end utility knife. These knives just like other categories of blades are priced differently depending on features and performance among other aspects. Some brands are cheap while others are expensive. It is necessary to note that not all cheap blades are sub-standard and not all expensive blades are of high quality. You should compare the price of a knife against its features to assess its worth.

Know the laws

Before you purchase a blade or knife, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the state and local laws on knife ownership and use. This is especially for blades you plan on carrying on yourself either by hooking it on the belt or in your pocket. Some cities and states have strict laws on owning and openly carrying knives. There are restrictions on the sale of knives in these states: AL, FL, KS, MA, MD, ME, MS, NC, NY, OH, OK, RI, TX, VI, WA, WI, & WV.

New York and particularly New York City, has extremely strict and tight knife regulations. While it is not clear about what the law specifies about folding knives, most knife enthusiasts hold the view that having a knife on you in New York City is probably not worth the risk.

Best Utility Knives Review

FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife (Editor’s choice for the best utility knife)

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03/18/2022 02:32 am GMT

This one is a sleek and stylish daily use pocket utility knife. The exclusive design makes the blade ideal to carry around in the pocket or a toolbox. The blade folds easily without requiring any complex skills to fold. Additionally, it fits in a pocket for convenient quick retrieval. It measures 6.6 inches when open and 4.3 inches when closed.

Made to last 

This product is made using superior quality stainless steel and anodized aluminum. This construction is not only lightweight but is also durable and corrosion-resistant. As such, you can use it in any environment including in wet and moist conditions. The non-slip handle is ergonomically shaped and offers a comfortable secure grip.

Quick blade change

Changing the blade is quite easy and takes only a few seconds. This is because there is an easy access button that provides for instant blade change without requiring any additional tools. It is compatible with all standard-size utility blades. The stainless-steel clip allows you to attach the blade to your belt for easy retrieval when working.

Our scores:


  1. Built to last with its unique durability
  2. Quick and convenient blade change
  3. Razor-sharp blades for smooth cuts
  4. Compact handle that feels nice in the hands
  5. Lightweight and rust-resistant construction


  1. Limited blade length

Gerber EAB Lite Folding Utility Knife (Best design)

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03/16/2022 02:44 pm GMT

If you want a bright-looking utility knife, this white Gerber EAB Lite Pocket Knife is the best choice for you. This contractor-grade one features a replaceable utility blade. This pocket knife is ideal for a variety of tasks around the house including opening boxes, cutting ropes & papers, slicing wires, and other cutting tasks.

Comfortable handle

The handle comes with deep finger grooves that provide for a comfortable and secure grip. The most unique aspect about the handle is that it doubles as a money clip. This pocket-like handle makes it possible to keep your money safe when undertaking your DIY tasks. Since the handle is made from stainless steel, you need not worry about its quality and resistance to corrosion and rust.

Compact size and weight 

This one boasts a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to carry along when working. It weighs only 2.5 ounces and measures 5.1” when open and 2.8” when closed. It also has an attachment clip for attaching the knife onto your belt. It is worth noting that the knife has a tapered shape and rounded edges for an excellent cutting experience.

Our scores:


  1. Lightweight and compact design
  2. Deep finger grooves on the handle for a secure grip
  3. Comes with a 2 ¼” contractor grade blade
  4. The handle doubles as a money clip
  5. One-hand operation


  1. The white color of the knife is not everyone’s favorite option

Interesting knife comparisons:

Holtzman’s Premium (Best for premium choice)

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03/18/2022 02:33 am GMT

If you are looking for the best gift to give your dad or your construction worker friend, this premium utility knife is the ultimate gift for them. It has a folding design that allows for easy, safe, and compact storage. There is an enclosed clip attachment that enables it to be secured on a belt or wherever else you wish to secure it.

Multi-function tool

With this one, you experience the convenience of 2-in-1 functionality. It features a blade on one side of the handle, and on the opposing end, there is a pop-out utility blade. This combination gives you a powerful tool in your palm to use around the house. It also comes with screws and a clip for clipping the knife onto the carrier.

Heavy-duty and lightweight construction 

It is designed to last and hold up well under consistent use for camping, DIY projects, crafts, and box cutting. With appropriate care and attention, it can last for long while still maintaining its pristine conditions. The lightweight construction of the blade features a black wooden handle attached to a serrated blade and a utility knife on the other end. The handle is resistant to water, moisture, and other damaging effects it may be exposed to.

Our scores:


  1. Comes with both a serrated knife and a utility knife for convenient use
  2. Heavy-duty construction that is equally durable
  3. Ideal for outdoor activities including camping and DIY tasks
  4. Ultra-sharp edges that cut easily through items of varying hardness
  5. Safe to carry anywhere due to its enclosed clip attachment


  1. The length of the serrated blade is limited

Internet’s Best Premium (Best for beginners)

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03/18/2022 02:33 am GMT

This set includes 2 utility knives and extra blades. This heavy-duty knife set features a durable design that is reinforced with a rubber grip. The metallic housing of the blade is long-lasting and holds well against wear and tear. What is more amazing about the overall design of the knife is that it is built for a typical workshop. It can sustain falls and other impacts without falling apart.

Retractable and adjustable blade 

The razor-sharp blade here is retractable and slides open to three different blade lengths. This functionality provides for fine cuts as well as accuracy when cutting open boxes. The blade locks safely in a metal frame. This in turn ensures that the blade is safely stored when not in use. The blade is ideal for cutting boxes, straps, and plastic packaging among other items.


When you want to replace a blade after it becomes dull, you only need to extend the blade out and then press the red button to release the blade. You then insert the replacement blade while still pressing the red button down and release it once the blade is securely in the frame. The set comes with 5 replacement blades safely stored in a refill pouch.

Our scores:


  1. Premium quality construction and design
  2. Easy to handle and use
  3. Retractable to different blade lengths for cutting convenience
  4. Heavy-duty blades for different cutting tasks
  5. Comfortable rubber grip


  1. The handle may not be pleasant to people who prefer plastic grips

Rexbeti (Most comfortable grip)

For homeowners shopping for unique utility knives, the REXBETI 12-Pack Utility blade is a recommendable purchase. It is a durable, robust, and versatile model by nature. It doubles as a utility knife as well as a box cutter. It also has a compact size and hence fits in the pocket easily.

Razor-sharp blade 

The blade is made from premium-grade carbon steel. This type of steel is popular for its ease of sharpening, ability to retain its edge for long, and resistance to staining, wear & tear, and discoloration. It comes with a pack of 12 extra blades that are all incredibly sharp.

Comfortable grip

Unlike other utility knives that come with a handle, this one comes with a housing that doubles as a handle. The housing is made using thickened hard plastic housing that offers a nice and firm grip. The compact housing makes the blade one-handed operable thus allowing for smooth blade adjustment.

Our scores:


  1. 18mm wide blade for cutting through different objects
  2. A sharp blade that cuts easily
  3. Textured housing with a perfect grip
  4. Easy blade adjustment
  5. Comes with 12 additional blades


  1. Lacks a belt clip

Workpro Quick Change (Best for control)

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03/16/2022 01:33 am GMT

If you are shopping for a compact utility knife set, this WORKPRO folding set is the ultimate choice for you. The set contains 3 multicolored utility knives. The different colors of these knives are green, red, and blue. This 3-piece knife set also comes with an additional 10 blades for replacement.

Quick change mechanism

Like other high-end knives in the market, this one features a quick-change mechanism for the blade. The mechanism not only guarantees that you spend a few seconds when changing the blades but also that the entire process is safe. The knives in this set are compatible with standard utility blades thereby making it easy to attach a blade of your preference.

Lightweight handle 

If you are the kind of person who loves knives with stable, firm, and secure grips, this knife set is the best choice for you. This is because the knife set comes with lightweight aluminum handles with a secure and firm grip. As such, the blade cannot slip from the hands even when applying intense pressure and effort. The knives are perfect for use in general-purpose cutting including cutting boxes, carpets, ropes, leather, and plastic among other materials.

Our scores:


  1. Compatible with standard utility blades
  2. Ideal for general cutting purposes around the house
  3. Easy blade installation with the quick-change mechanism
  4. Comfortable lightweight handle
  5. Stainless steel construction for strength and durability


  1. The blades have a gritty feeling when opening and closing

Workpro Back Lock (Easiest to use)

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03/18/2022 02:34 am GMT

WORKPRO is a popular utility knife brand. This model is extremely easy and safe to use. It comes with a patented quick-change blade mechanism that allows users to safely and quickly change blades and also prevents injury. For extra convenience and functionality, it is compatible with standard utility blades.

Comfortable ergonomic handle 

The handle in this high-end cutter is constructed using high qualify steel that is resistant to scratching, corrosion, and rust. The handle’s ergonomic curve fits the hands well thereby allowing a comfortable and secure grip. In addition to this, the knives feature a back-lock design which keeps the blades safely locked in place when cutting.

Lightweight design 

This box cutter is incredibly lightweight and compact. This combination provides for enhanced portability such that it becomes easy to carry the blade around. It features a belt clip for attaching the knife onto your belt. This knife is designed and built to last. As such, you can use it for a variety of cutting purposes including cutting paper, plastic, cartons, carpet, leather, and PVC.

Our scores:


  1. Long-lasting and reliable blade
  2. Ideal for different cutting purposes
  3. Compact and lightweight design
  4. Comes with a patented quick-change blade system
  5. Safe to use due to its ergonomic handle


  1. The cutting edge comes with limited length

Kobalt (Budget choice)

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03/16/2022 02:01 am GMT

This Kobalt Utility knife is arguably the most valuable choice in the market. This is because it comes with 11 blades. This guarantees that you do not need to invest in blades in the near future as each of the blades is long-lasting. The blades are perfect for general purpose cutting thereby making the knife a great choice for DIY tasks.

Quick-change mechanism 

Kobalt designs this one with great simplicity for easy handling, use, and maintenance. The quick-change mechanism for blade change provides for easy switching of the blades when working. What is more amazing about this mechanism is that it is fool-proof and hence provides for enhanced safety when changing the blade. It also features a quick-change folding lock-back blade that makes the knife ideal for general-purpose cutting.

Comfortable and durable handle 

The handle is made using aviation-grade aluminum that boasts of incredible hardness, durability, resilience, and excellent resistance to wear and tear. The handle is ergonomically designed to conform well to the palms of the use for a firm and secure grip. Additionally, the knife also has a stainless-steel clip for attaching the knife onto the belt.

Our scores:


  1. Compact unit with 1 installed blade and 10 blades in the safety dispenser
  2. Sharp and robust blade
  3. Overall superior design and construction
  4. Suitable for general purpose cutting
  5. Durable and reliable handle


  1. The blade dents easily when using for cutting metallic or excessively hard objects

Husky (Best for professionals)

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03/18/2022 02:31 am GMT

If you are constantly undertaking hands-on tasks around the house, this one from Husky is the perfect tool for you. It features a safe design that enables the blade to fold itself automatically thereby ensuring your safety when the blade is not in use.

Textured handle 

This tool knife features a textured handle that increases the friction between your hand and the knife. This in turn allows for great control and a non-slip grip. The handle is resistant to moisture and heat and therefore, the blade can be used in different environments in the house.

Lanyard loop

For purposes of easy carrying and convenient access when working, the knife has a Lanyard loop located at the handle’s base. In addition to this, it also comes with a tough belt clip that is located on the unit for easy clipping onto the belt. The overall design is strong, solid, and sturdy for durability and reliability.

Our scores:


  1. Superior design and construction
  2. Comes with a lanyard loop and belt clip for easy carrying
  3. Safe design for guaranteeing user safety
  4. The unit comes with 3 disposable blades
  5. Textured grip for great control and non-slip grips


  1. With poor handling, this blade can cause serious injuries and cuts

Sheffield (Most versatile)

The Sheffield 12113 utility knife prides itself on a one-hand opening mechanism that provides convenience when cutting through cardboard, paper, and other obstacles. The blade in this knife is not only ultra-sharp but equally strong to cut through hard obstacles easily.

Quick-change mechanism 

Being a high-end option, it features a quick-change mechanism that allows for quick, safe, and easy replacement of the blade. It uses standard utility blades. The blade is solid with a shard cutting edge that does not dent or break easily even when cutting through extremely hard and tough surfaces.

Lightweight aluminum handle

The overall construction of the blade features a lightweight design. In line with this, the 3.5-inches lightweight aluminum handle in the knife is comfortable to hold and easy to control. The blade has a belt clip that provides for easier carrying. With this knife, you can cut easily through boxes and twine, and other obstacles during your DIY tasks.

Our scores:


  1. Features a quick-change mechanism
  2. Lightweight handle
  3. Stain-resistant blade
  4. Strong and solid blade for cutting through different objects
  5. Affordable to maintain since it uses standard utility blades
  6. Comes with a pocket clip


  1. The razor-sharp blade can inflict cuts if poorly handled

FAQ’s About the Tool

Is Milwaukee a good brand to buy from?

Yes, definitely.

I’ve heard people raving about them, so you can try them out.

What is the safest type of this knife?

Utility knives that have a smart retract feature are the safest type of utility knives. The auto-retractable knives ensure that the blades are enclosed in the knife whenever they are not in use. This prevents the risk of suffering cuts and injuries.

What is the difference between a utility knife and a paring knife?

Utility knives can be described as a blend between paring and slicing knives. The key difference between utility and paring knives is seen in the length of the blades. This is because the blades in utility knives are considerably longer than those in paring knives.

What do you cut with it?

Utility knives have wide cutting uses in the kitchen and around the house. These blades are ideal for cutting fruits & slicing cheese, cutting meat, opening boxes, and cutting small citrus among other uses.

Is a utility knife the same as a box cutter?

Box cutters are similar to utility knives but not the same. The key difference between the two is seen in the fact that box cutters have single, long blades that are scored in some sections along their length. The blade in utility knives are a mix of paring and slicing blades and hence have wide applications as opposed to box cutters.

Is it considered a weapon?

Yes. The razor-sharp blade in utility knives can be used as slashing weapons. In an attack, these knives can double as lethal weapons.


A good utility knife is essential for any household.

A proper utility knife allows you to take on a bunch of DIY projects that would otherwise cost a bunch of money to hire someone else to do.

Our top pick is the FC Folding Pocket Utility knife as it easily folds into your pocket for safe storage, has an incredibly sharp blade, and is tough enough to handle just about any task you throw at it.

Another great option is Holtzman’s Folding Utility Knife that is made out of carbon steel with an aluminum handle, which makes it a very tough and ergonomic option.

It also comes with a beautiful box that could make it a great gift for any DIY-er dad, son, or sibling out there.

And if you need a utility knife on a tight budget, then we highly recommend the Internet’s Best Premium Utility Knife.

While it lacks some of the features of some of the more expensive options out there, it is still better than most in its price range.

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