Top 5 Best Watermelon Slicers: Which One Is Right For You?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 12/21/20 •  8 min read

You know what?

Having a watermelon on a warm afternoon is one of the most refreshing things one can do over the summer.

But since these fruits are so large and have a very tough rind, slicing and cutting them up for serving is a pretty annoying task.

Luckily, there are dedicated slicing tools that you can use in the kitchen to slice the melons in seconds.

And in this article, we’re reviewing 5 of the best watermelon slicers on the market today.

Read on to learn more.

Best Watermelon Slicers (Updated List)

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Is It Better to Cut a Watermelon Cold Or Warm?

It’s best to cut it while it is cold.

This is because the fruit will hold its shape better when it’s sliced cold rather than warm

How Do You Cut The Perfect Watermelon?

If you don’t have a slicer on hand, the best way to slice this fruit is to get your trusty chef knife.

From there, you can slice it cross-wise, lay the cut side down on the chopping board, and slowly slice away the rind and white flesh.

Once everything has been removed, you can then proceed to slice the watermelon into cubes and serve!

What To Look For When Buying

1. Design

There are a whole lot of different types of slicers out there for watermelons.

There are ones designed to slice the entire fruit into multiple pieces for eating, but there are also smaller ones that require you to slice the fruit in half beforehand.

Either one of these designs can serve you well, especially if you eat a lot of fruit.

But it will be much easier to choose the right one for you if you know what type of slicer you want.

Windmills are slicers designed to cut the fruit into cubes after it’s sliced open, but if you want a tool that does all the work for you, we recommend you get large watermelon slicers such as the model by FEENM featured on this list.

2. Ease Of Use

Next up, you also have to consider how the slicer is used.

These tools were all originally designed to make life easier for you in the kitchen, so you have to make sure that there isn’t too steep of a learning curve with it.

If you have a tough time with large slicers, then you might prefer to use simple windmills that slice the flesh into cubes.

Either way, this is something you have to figure out yourself because every individual will have different preferences when it comes to their tools.

3. Material

The last thing to consider when you’re buying a slicer is the material it’s made out of.

While there are some tools out there made entirely of BPA-free plastic, we still recommend that you get a slicer that uses a combination of plastic and stainless steel.

This is because these slicers will be much sharper, easier to use, and last you a lot longer in the kitchen.

Product Reviews

FEENM (Best Overall)

This is the first item on the list, and it’s the only one that can slice a full watermelon.

To use this tool, all you have to do is push the tool through the fruit and it will slice the entire thing.

It has 11 stainless steel blades that are meant to retain their edge and last you for years to come.

It will slice the fruit into 12 even slices that you and the whole family can enjoy.

Despite its size, it’s still fairly easy to clean, which can be a huge plus for those who don’t enjoy long and arduous cleanups.

And on top of that, since it’s so large, it can also be used to slice other large fruits like cantaloupes. honeydews, pineapples, and more.

Our scores:



Yueshico (2nd Best)

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03/16/2022 01:58 am GMT

This is the first of multiple windmill slicers we featured on this list.

These are some of the most convenient tools you can have because they are compact, simple, and can get the job done quickly.

To use this tiny tool, you’ll first need to slice the fruit into quarters.

Once that is done, all you have to do is push the tool into the watermelon and you’ll have neatly sliced cubes ready to eat.

This is a great tool for those who want to plate perfectly sliced fruit cubes for a refreshing summer treat!

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Sleeke (Best for Comfort)

This is truly a sleek slicer.

This fairly large tool can be used to slice and pull out large slices for a picnic, barbeque, or just as a snack on a warm afternoon.

It has finger pockets and an incredibly comfortable handle that gives you a lot of control while slicing without straining your hands.

The blade on this is made of honed steel that is just sharp enough for most fruits but not sharp enough to break the skin.

This makes it a tool that is still safe for kids to use.

So if you want your fruit served in large and even slices, then this might be the right pick for you.

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Weetiee (Best for Speed)

Next up is another windmill slicer this time, coming from the Weetiee brand.

With this tool, all you have to do is push it into a watermelon that you cut in quarters, and in a matter of seconds, you will have a bunch of ready-to-eat cubes for your enjoyment.

This is one of the easiest tools you can have, and it’s also one of the most affordable ones.

This tool is so easy and convenient to use, even a child can prepare an entire plate of watermelon cubes in a matter of minutes.

The slicer is made of 304 stainless steel, which is a very premium material that can last you years to come, especially if you maintain the tool properly.

On the side of this slicer, you will notice small engravings.

This is actually a scale that you can use to adjust the size of the cubes you’re slicing, which gives you even more control over the output, which can be a great plus for a lot of people.

So if you’ve been on the hunt for an affordable and highly functional tool for watermelons, this could be the right product for you.

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Vanfit (Best for Versatility)

Wrapping up our list is a great tool from Vanfit.

As a windmill slicer, it’s very easy to use as all you need to do is push it through the fruit to slice even cubes.

It slices the fruit into 2cm cubes, which is a great bite-sized treat for people of all ages!

On top of that, it’s made of 304 stainless steel which is food-safe, durable, and very high-quality.

Anyone looking for a convenient tool might just find that this is the right product for them.

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What’s The Best Knife To Cut a Watermelon?

Sharp and heavy chef knives are the best tool you can use to cut a watermelon.

Is Warm Watermelon Bad For You?

There is evidence from the US Department of Agriculture that states that watermelons stored at room temperature actually have more nutrients and antioxidants than their cold counterparts.

That means that they might actually healthier, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong if you prefer having them served over ice.

Can You Eat a Split Watermelon?

Yes, you can.

There might be some cases where you see a pattern on the fruit when it’s sliced open, but that’s nothing to worry about.

It’s just nature doing its thing.

How Do You Keep Your Melons From Getting Soggy?

The best way to keep them crunchy is to wrap the cut sided with plastic wrap and store it in the fridge.

Can I Freeze a Watermelon?

Yes, you can, and it can actually make for a tasty treat.

You can freeze them for smoothies, or even eat them as a cold, refreshing snack during the warm summer days.


All the tools we chose to feature on this list could be a huge help for anyone in the kitchen.

Everyone has different preferences, which is the main reason there’s so much variety in the product in this list.

And if you think you found the right slicer for you in this article, then all that’s left to do is to head out there and get one for yourself!

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