Cangshan TC Series Review: 8-Piece Knife Block Set

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This TC Series comes from an impressive line of high-quality knives by the iconic Cangshan brand.

The TC Series blades find harmony in their clean and fluid contemporary lines that run from the handle all through to the tip of the blade. The intricate mosaic metallic rivet on the handles add a decorative and beautiful aspect to the blades.

This knife series is seamlessly crafted and designed for heavy use in the kitchen and their easy cleanup.

And in this detailed Cangshan TC series review, we will see why people loved this knife set so much.


  1. Premier Swedish stainless steel material that is durable and reliable
  2. Easy to sharpen blades
  3. Extremely long edge retention
  4. Comfortable and easy to hold handles
  5. Comes with a compact woodblock


  1. The blades are not safe for dishwashing
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Full-tang forged steel blades

The 14C8N Swedish Sandvik stainless steel that is used in making these knives is popular for its extraordinary sharpness.

This high alloy steel is sufficiently hard or cutting through all types of foods including those with hard and tough shells.

Due to the resilience of the steel, the blades do not break, bend, or chip even after years of consistent heavy-duty use in the kitchen.

The Swedish steel in the TC Series prides itself on excellent edge retention or considerably more than 5X than German steel.

The cutting edges of the blades are easy to sharpen.

It is worth noting that since Swedish steel is a special type of high-quality steel, it does not corrode, rust, or get discolored by food.

The best thing here is that you can use them on acidic foods without the blade being damaged.

Patent-pending design

The patent-pending design of the Cangshan TC Series blades focuses on the aesthetics of the knives or excellent functionality and performance.

In line with this design concept, the whole knife feels like a solid natural extension.

The weight of the blade is uniquely distributed along the entire length of the knife from the handle to the tip of the cutting edge.

Therefore, using the blade for long durations does not tire or cause fatigue to the wrist.

The handle is yet another key aspect of the patent-pending design of the knife series.

The black wood handle is triple-riveted for stability and an overall solid feeling in the hands.

The handle has an ergonomic design and a streamlined shape that allows for comfortable grips while still allowing the chef to have excellent control of the blade or precise and accurate cutting.

There is a decorative metal mosaic on the handle for added décor and the beauty of the knife.

Compact knife collection

Like any other knife series by Cangshan, the TC Series comes with a variety of blades for all cutting needs and tasks in the kitchen.

Ideally, this knife series is designed for everyday use in the kitchen.

As such, the blades are designed with a multi-function aspect so that they can be used interchangeably in the kitchen.

The series includes an 8-inch chef’s knife, 7” Santoku, 8” bread blade, forged shears, 5” serrated utility knife, 8” honing steel, 3.5” paring knife, and a walnut block.

All the knives in this series are NSF certified and hence you can be guaranteed that their quality, design, and overall construction exceed the set standards.

Therefore, with this knife series, you get a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects.

The blades are built to last for years without breaking apart or getting any sort of as long as they are well taken care of and maintained.

Customer feedback

People who have bought the Cangshan TC Series have it that it is an incredible and amazing knife set with incredibly sharp blades.

The walnut block is not only gorgeous but equally functional in keeping the kitchen neat and organized.

Chefs love the fact that the blades are corrosion and rust-resistant and hence cannot rust even if you accidentally forget them in water overnight.

The steel formula in these knives has a solid reputation for remaining sharp for long without denting, scratching, or breaking.

This great knife set has blades with a nice and balanced feel as most reviewers have mentioned online about the set.

The reviews have it that the block is compact and does not take up too much space.

Therefore, chefs who do not wish to have a cluttered kitchen will most likely love owning this set.

Each knife has its compartment on the block.

Reviewers also seem to love using the forged shears for quartering chicken and the honing steel for straightening cutting edges.


The sharpness and resilience of the Cangshan TC Series are probably the main reasons why you should invest in this knife set.

The set will make it effortless for you to polish your food preparation skills while ensuring that it does not break your bank.

The knife set will last for years without requiring any extensive and complex maintenance.

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