Cangshan X Series Review: 6-Piece Knife Block Set

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 05/20/20 •  5 min read

You know what?

The Cangshan X knife is a unique blade in that it is large but impressively lightweight.

This design combination makes the knife perfect for use by professional chefs and cooks.

Consequently, this makes the blade a piece of essential equipment in any kitchen.

The X Series blade by Cangshan is excellently crafted with a perfectly balanced and sharp blade.


  1. Perfectly balanced knife
  2. Ergonomic handle that is easy to grip in the hands
  3. Easy to sharpen by hand
  4. Unique build quality
  5. Approved by National Sanitation Foundation


  1. Not dishwasher-friendly
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Good Design

Cangshan, just like other top brands prioritize on the design of their blades. This is so that the design of a knife plays a vital role in the efficiency of the knife as well as its ease of use. For the X series, the great design pushes the performance of the blades a notch higher. The blades are exceptionally well-balanced for the best control and accuracy when cutting.

The 6” piece knife set features blades that you will require to use often in a typical kitchen setting. Therefore, with this set, you get more than you actually pay for. The most striking feature in all of these blades is that the cutting edges are designed to piece and tear through food items easily and in clean cuts.

Ergonomic handle

The handle of a knife is a crucial aspect as far as the handling and consequent use of the knife is concerned. The unique patented design of the X series handles focuses on providing cooks and chefs with a comfortable and convenient handle. This means that the knives are easy to hold and grip in the hands. Consequently, this handle works well for extensive kitchen use as it does not cause any fatigue or straining to the wrists.

The handle also has a non-slip feature that guarantees that it is safe to use as it cannot slip-off from the hands even when applying excessive pressure and force. The flexible design of the handle makes it possible for people with different hand sizes to grasp it perfectly.

Solid and strong blade

The blades in the Cangshan X series knives are made using premium quality X50Cr15MoV German Steel that has a Rockwell Hardness of HRC 58 (+/-2). This steel is hard and genuinely solid thereby enhancing the durability of the knife. The blade also has a good edge retention capability thereby ensuring that you do not need to sharpen the blade frequently.

Another impressive aspect of the blades in the Cangshan X series knives is that they are resistant to scratches and corrosion. In addition to this, they hold up well against wear and tear due to consistent use in the kitchen. All the blades in this set are expertly handcrafted and hand sharpened.

Versatile knife set with a woodblock

For chefs and cooks who are looking to replace all their knives with a new set of knives, the Cangshan X series knife set is the best choice for you. This is because the set comprises of knives that you will need in the kitchen on a daily basis. These blades include the following products: 7” santoku, 8” chef’s knife, 5” serrated knife, 8” bread and 3.5” paring knife. The knives are multi-purpose, and as such, you can use them interchangeably for other tasks in the kitchen.

When it comes to storing the knives in this set, you need not worry as the set comes with a solid Acacia wood-block. The block is tastefully hand-finished for a stylishly unique appearance. The rich brown color of the block resonates well with the theme of any kitchen.

Overall Customer Feedback

The easiest way to ascertain the quality of a product is by checking the reviews left by people who have used the product previously. True to this, the feedback left on the Cangshan X series is nothing short of impressive. Most chefs and cooks who have had the pleasure of using knives in this set love the blades as well as the block due to their flawless designs.

Most chefs note that the knives are not only good looking but equally sharp. The perfect weight and balance are some of the most popular attributes among most chefs. This is because the attributes make it easy and convenient to cut with the blade. Additionally, the versatility of the blades guarantees that you will always have a knife for any task in the kitchen.

There are people who have had concerns with the size of the block noting that it is too big for their small and congested kitchens. However, other than this, the chefs have the views that the blades are unique and professionally built for daily use in the kitchen.

There are chefs whose favorite aspects about the knives include the easily cleanable by hand washing advantage, superb edge retention, and ease of sharpening by hands. This they say saves them the inconvenience and costs of having the blades sharpened professionally by experts.


The X Series knives by Cangshan is a professional knife set for chefs and cooks who wish to hone their food preparation skills. All the components in the blades feature a high-quality level. Since the blades are NSF approved, when you invest in this set, you can be guaranteed to get the best service from the knives.

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