Cuisinart Advantage Knife Set Review: Should You Buy It Or Not?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 11/11/20 •  4 min read

When you cook a lot at home, it is a must to own a good set of knives.

But choosing a high-quality product does confuse you much when there are many appealing options on the current market.

In this case, do not hesitate to give our Cuisinart advantage knife set review a check.

Perhaps it might be what you are looking for.

Let’s get started!



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Aesthetic Design

One of the most special and distinct things about this Cuisinart set compared to other products out there is its colorful design.

To be more specific, it comes with 6 knives having different vibrant, bright, and bold colors that will add fun to your kitchen.

Most importantly, you will never make a mistake about using one knife to cut raw beef and vegetables at the same time while preparing food.

That’s why it is helpful to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination as a result.

And rest assured that you can handle enough household cooking at home with the help of this 6-piece set, including a chef, slicing, santoku, bread, utility, and a paring knife.

Ease Of Cutting

A knife is highly appreciated if it offers a smooth and precise cut.

And this set will live up to your expectation thanks to a non-stick coating with a razor-sharp edge.

In more detail, its blade, which is made from high-quality stainless steel, has offered a non-stick coating.

This layer helps you make each cut, slice, or chop smoothly without any difficulty as well as keeps food from sticking to the knife.

Simultaneously, it is much easier to clean the knife after use.

We bet that you will surely love this feature as well.


The manufacturer has smartly designed the guards to contribute greatly to your safety.

For example, it protects your fingers from being cut accidentally when grabbing the sharp edge.

On top of that, the knife set prevents your kids from hurting themselves if they find these professional-quality knives appealing and grip them to play.


Besides, it must be mentioned that this Cuisinart knife set is durable enough to go with you for a long period thanks to its better quality blades.

They are resilient and stay sharp longer than a knife or any other material.

What is more, we have to emphasize that this product comes to the market at a reasonable price range.

Therefore, it is extremely suitable for those who have a tight budget but still have an interest in cooking.


First and foremost, these tools are considered sharp and serious kitchen knives that will perform well in your kitchen.

It means that it can meet all of your cutting demands with the 6-piece set.

Of course, the non-stick coating included makes cutting a breeze.

Also, its fun and colorful design seem to appeal to those having aestheticism.

At the same time, this product ensures your family members’ safety as well.

Although it has a low price, you will not be disappointed with its performance.

Overall Customer Feedback 

We realize that many customers give positive feedback that this set is perfect with its elegant design and the incredibly sharp blades.

They recognize that these knives work great in their kitchen, and do not expect more for such an affordable kit.

However, others claim that the color coating starts to come off after a few months.


Here is the wrap up of our Cuisinart advantage knife set review.

Have you made up your mind after reading this post yet? It is worth mentioning that this kitchen tool kit is undeniably perfect for those who just start their cooking career.

It’s time you brought it home and enjoy a fulfilled life,

Good luck with your informed decision!

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