Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife Review: How Good Is It?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 11/11/20 •  4 min read

The Cuisinart electric knife is no stranger to plenty of cooks.

The number of customers using this standard circuit breaker has reached millions, which further guarantees its quality.

These electric knives can assist users in reducing the ingredient prepping time while increasing the precision of each cut.

The article about Cuisinart electric knife review below will elaborate on its details.



Strong performance

The two blades’ symmetric 2-blade motor is potent and stable, making this knife branding that will impress you with what it does.

It is equipped with two main types of blades: bread blades (for tough foods), and blades for greasy ingredients like butter or meat.

It can cut a wide variety of cakes smoothly and leaves extremely fine and beautiful cuts.

These outstanding features make it entirely superior to a conventional metal knife.

When it comes to bread, you can have it take care of a variety of crust without worrying about things like nuts and crumbling around.

So if you need to cut a large amount of bread every day for a big family breakfast, consider choosing this for yourself.

The way it cuts meat is also really excellent.

Conventional knives wear out over time and no longer retain their original performance, although they are not cheap.

Meanwhile, the electric knives can automatically sharpen the blades, keeping them ready for operation at any time.

The blades are also manufactured from stainless steel, which can stay in mint condition for months.

Storage tray

Because the construction is quite bulky, you are going to need some convenient knife placement.

Fortunately, the manufacturer has created a block of wood to secure the blades quite safely.

Not only that, but the wire storage located just below the wooden box is also useful for securing the knife‘s lead and the mounting compartment neatly.

Easy to use

The Cuisinart electric knife has a comfortable and light grip for the user.

It also has the right balance when cutting, and more specifically, the arc design makes it suitable for both right-handed and left-handed people.

Suppose you are still hesitant about these new and seemingly complicated tools.

In that case, you can completely follow the instructions and comprehend all the steps involved, including blade removal and certain cutting methods.

Easy to clean

With only a damp washcloth, you can easily clean the knife‘s surface with warm water without having to rinse it in a regular dishwasher.

But before doing so, you need to separate the two blades from each other and clean them one by one.

Of course, unplugging the power cord before removing and cleaning is something you can never forget to ensure safety.

Besides, it also has a safety button lock for absolute security when cleaning knives.

Overall customer feedback

This knife‘s popularity with a lot of users is the most evident proof of its convenience and efficiency.

Most users of this knife say that it is here to lessen the hard work of all cooks, can deal with many different ingredients, and leaves precise cuts.

It is also particularly suitable for cutting various types of bread without causing crumbling.

In a nutshell, it is exactly what one would want to be a part of their kitchen.


Through the Cuisinart Cek-40 Electric Knife review above, you can see that owning an electric knife in the home is exceptionally feasible at a low price and high durability.

Not only that, the versatility and efficiency in each of its slices can conquer the most demanding customers.

So, why don’t you get yourself this handy product right now?

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