Cuisinart Knife Sharpener Review: Should You Buy It Or Not?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 11/11/20 •  4 min read

Are you looking for a tool that helps keep your knives work at the best capacity?

Then, a useful knife sharpener is what you need straightaway.

In this Cuisinart knife sharpener review, we will discuss its features, pros, and cons to help you make up your mind.


Let’s dive right in.



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The reason for this product’s popularity is its 3 effective sharpening technologies with 3 different slots: coarse, medium, and fine.

Home chefs can start with the slot called coarse to restore severely damaged edges.

This is designed especially for tough knives, including 15 and 22-degree angle sharpening stones made by tungsten carbide.

In the middle is the medium sharpening stone to revitalize dull edges for your everyday knives.

You just need to spend 2 seconds, and the sharpener will get all the jobs done.

And of course, the final slot is the fine for quick and precise honing.

Hence, this product will live up to your expectation of an all-in-one product: from blade honing, revitalization, to restoration in your kitchen staple.


Cuisinart’s knife sharpener is nice and compact to fit in any drawer with a foldable handle that can sit on your counter.

This is not an electric device, which means it won’t dictate which side you use.

It will be perfect for either left-handed or right-handed users.

Moreover, it has a beautiful silicone lining on every part that touches the surface.

This helps keep the sharpener in one place during use.


When it comes to using knives, safety is always one of the top concerns.

To ensure users’ safety, there is a plastic card covering three wheels on the inside to limit any unexpected incident caused by sharp wheels.

In addition to the plastic card, it also offers sturdy handles for a stable and firm grip.


Since the first days of establishment, Cuisinart has always been considered a reliable, trustworthy brand for kitchen essentials.

With Cuisinart’s great warranty, you do not have to worry about its amazing quality and dedicated customer service.

Besides, this knife sharpener promises to extend the life of each knife and keep its edges in the sharpest condition.


So, when considering this one, some of you may wonder if you can use this for your old knives at home.

That is feasible as the most effective way to take care of your knives is to keep them sharp on a regular basis.

You do not need to replace your old knives with a new Cuisinart knife unless you wish to upgrade your kitchen tool.

Every knife is suitable for use with this sharpener regardless of its age and brand.

Overall customer feedback

Almost all of the customers gave positive reviews and high rates for the effectiveness of Cuisinart products.

Some of the outstanding advantages are its compactness, affordable price for such a high-qualified tool, well-built design, and so much more.

To sum up, this tool is a great investment that is guaranteed to bring superior performance.


Can I use this to sharpen my serrated bread knives?

Yes, you can.

Do I have to use all 3 slots whenever I sharpen my knife?

No, you don’t.

At most, you only need to use 2 of them and your blade should be sharp enough to go.

Can it sharpen ceramic knives?

Yes, you can use it for that purpose.

What are the materials used to make the rods?

As far as I know, the first slot is made of steel.

The second one is coated steel.

And the third one is stone.

Can this sharpen stainless steel knives?

For sure.


You must now understand how the Cuisinart knife sharpener is an all-in-one tool: from blade honing, revitalization, to restoration thanks to its 3-slot design.

It provides a sturdy, foldable handle for firm grip and easy storage ịn any drawer you want.

Most importantly, the customer’s safety is always carefully considered.

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