Shun DM0706 Review: Is It A Good Chef Knife?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 11/19/20 •  4 min read

Owning the best knife in your kitchen can transform how you prepare and make your meals.

A sharp knife doubles as an essential tool for all your cutting, chopping, and slicing needs in the kitchen.

This is where the Shun DM0706 comes to play.

It offers not only high performance but also good and beautiful looks.

It is designed to handle daily cutting tasks in the kitchen ranging from chopping to slicing and mincing.

The blade comes with a razor-sharp edge and a comfortable handle that allows you to have the best control over the knife.


  1. Comfortable and solid handle for the best cutting tasks
  2. Razor-sharp blade
  3. Attractive design and build
  4. Lightweight and well-balanced
  5. Longer edge retention


  1. The blade may become brittle if not well taken care of

Design and beauty

The design and beauty of the Shun dm0706 will amaze and excite any chef out there.

The Shun logo that is crafted onto the blade enhances the overall décor and beauty of the knife.

This kitchen blade comes with a wood grain pattern that makes it stand out from other Shun knives in the market.

The elegant design coupled with its sturdy build makes this Japanese knife to become a reliable cutting tool in any modest kitchen.

Since this one is light in weight, it is easy to maneuver when making precise and accurate cuts on delicate food items.

Damascus steel cladding

Shun is popular for using the best quality materials in designing and constructing its products.

In line with this, the knife features Damascus steel cladding on this blade not only makes it extremely sharp but also hard and durable.

As such, it can cut through different food items easily.

This cladding also has a subtle pattern on the blade.

Ideally, the blade is easy to sharpen and retains its edge for a long time, thereby saving you the trouble of sharpening it from time to time.

D-Shaped Pakkawood handle

There is nothing that beats the convenience of using a knife with a comfortable handle.

The D-shaped PakkaWood handle is designed to provide you with the best comfort when handling the knife.

This handle is made using premium quality laminated Pakkawood that is moisture-resistant.

The handle is smooth and has excellent anti-slip properties thereby making it a great investment.

This ergonomically designed handle is flexible to hold for people with different hand sizes.

Excellent edge retention

Edge retention is an important consideration when it comes to kitchen knives.

This is because blades with poor edge retention require you to sharpen the blade frequently.

However, this is not the case with this product.

This is because the blade has long edge retention.

As such, it can remain sharp for a long time.

This feature comes in handy for busy chefs who have limited time to sharpen their blades.

Overall customer feedback

Chefs and cooks who use this knife for their cutting, slicing and chopping needs in the kitchen have it that the blade is an expressly reliable tool.

From its handle all through to the tip of the blade, this knife is designed to provide you with reliable and dependable performance in the kitchen.

The blade is flexible for use by everyone including people with small hands.


If there is a knife that you can rely on and depend on in your kitchen, it is the Shun dm0706 kitchen knife.

From its performance to design, everything about this Shun knife is all about class, quality, and superior construction.

This Japanese-style knife is durable and thus will give you the best performance for as long as you wish.

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