Shun Ken Onion Cleaver Review: How Good Is This Knife?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 11/15/20 •  4 min read

Shun is a favorite brand for most people when it comes to kitchen cutlery and utensils.

The Shun Ken Onion knife boasts of unique quality just like other Shun products.

It is admittedly attractive and has great balance thus easy to control.

This lightweight blade is made using durable stainless steel that is rust and corrosion-resistant.

As such, it holds up well against all forms of wear and tears in the kitchen thereby providing you with the best service for all your onion slicing needs.

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  1. Sturdy and durable construction
  2. Ergonomic handle that is easy to hold
  3. Lightweight and hence easy to control
  4. Ideal for a wide range of cutting, slicing, and chopping tasks
  5. Stylish design


  1. Not the best choice for cutting through hard foods

VG-MAX Stainless Steel Core

The blade in the Shun Ken Onion features a VG-MAX steel core that is clad using 32 SUS410/SUS431 stainless steel layers that give the blade its robust strength and uniqueness.

The best thing about this blade is that it is sufficiently strong and sharp to cut through food items with great ease.

In addition to this, the VG-MAX Steel Core is easy to sharpen and retains its sharpness for a long time.

This comes in handy when you want to make precise onion slices.

This blade is full tang all the way from the tip to the handle thereby giving the knife incredible strength and good balance.

Ebony Pakkawood handle

Shun is known to use only the best quality materials for all its products.

True to this, it comes with an Ebony Pakkawood handle that has a soft grip.

This handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable, firm, and secure grip.

This handle is ergonomically designed with a non-slip grip that enhances your safety when using it.

The Pakkawood handle has a smooth and waterproof finish that also enhances its appearance.

The bolster of the handle has a unique thumb and forefinger curve that stretches into the contours thereby reducing stress when handling the knife.

Well balanced

This knife, just like other Shun knives, is well balanced for easy and flexible handling.

Since the weight is evenly distributed throughout its length, the blade features a balanced feel in the hands.

Overall, the knife is functional and easy to use even for amateurs and inexperienced chefs.

Extremely sharp

The knife is factory sharpened at 16 degrees to provide a reliable cutting edge that guarantees faster performance and less friction when slicing through food items.

The best thing about the knife is that the cutting edge is strong and hence does not dent, bend, or break.

To enhance the sharpness, it is recommendable that you hone the edge frequently to straighten it.

Even though the blade is dishwasher safe, it is advisable to handwash it to prevent collision with other utensils when in the dishwasher.

Overall customer feedback

This Japanese knife is widely used across the globe.

Chefs and cooks who use the knife have nothing but praise for the knife.

For starters, they said that the knife looks beautiful and has a stylish design.

In addition to this, cooks also highlight that the knife holds well against wear and tear in the kitchen thereby making it a great choice for use in a commercial kitchen such as a restaurant.

The soft and firm grip of the handle is yet another thing that people like most about the knife.


It is undeniably true that the Shun Ken Onion knife is a reliable and functional knife that is designed to cut through soft food tissues with great ease.

This knife is designed to provide you with the best value for your hard-earned cash.

This is a sharp knife that will meet all your slicing, cutting, and chopping needs.

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