How Many Steak Knives Do I Need for My Kitchen?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 02/24/19 •  3 min read

The number of steak knives you need in your kitchen depends on the number of people you’re planning to feed. Some go for the minimum number most cutlery companies offer which is four, while others choose to buy a whole dozen.

Steak knives aren’t just for those rare ribeye dinners most decide to have on special occasions.

These nifty little pieces – whether straight-edged or fancy serrated – can be used for a whole lot of meals: pork chops, beef patties with creamed mushroom sauces, roasted chicken, microwaveable TV dinners, and so many more.

There’s a reason why the statement ‘and it comes with a set of steak knives’ is so popular…

If you don’t have a set yet or if you were gifted with a small set (of four) and are thinking if you do need more, you might want to make the decision based on the factors we’ll be listing below:

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Style of the party:

If the party style is lavish, there will be a need for one or even two knives per person. It will be a really good option to go give two different sizes to each person. It is observed in the formal type of parties two knives will be used if there are two knives placed on the table. For six persons there will be a need of twelve knives set.

The budget of the party:

If the party is low to the normal budget then it is best to keep only one knife for one person. If there are six persons at a party, it is better to bring the six pieces set of knives. In casual parties, it is seen that if two knives are places on the table for one person, half of them are left unused. At this kind of party, there will be no need to keep an extra set of knives.

The number of participants:

If the party is big then there will be a need for more resources. If 12 people are coming to the party the requirements of knives will be more as compared to a small gathering. The larger the gathering the better it is to keep only one per person. It is always better to get one set extra in larger gatherings. People tend to drop the knives when they are trying to cut the steak.

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