How to Thinly Slice Fresh Mozzarella

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 04/28/21 •  4 min read

Slicing fresh mozzarella thin is not a task that most people are able to accomplish with ease.

However, this does not have to be the case for you.

This is because you only need to use the best slicer and confidence.

The reason why most people are unable to cut thin mozzarella is that they are usually tense.

Just like when slicing cheese, you need to free your hand and be relaxed.

So how do you make thin slices of fresh mozzarella?

The first thing you need to do is choose a sharp thin blade such as a serrated cheese knife. In one hand, gently hold the fresh mozzarella and use the other hand to slice through the ball.

For clean and uniform slices, it is advisable that you use the blade’s entire cutting edge.

Ensure that your hand is steady so that you can make consistent and uniform slices.


Ways of slicing fresh mozzarella

Before we delve into the different ways on how you can cut fresh mozzarella, it is necessary to note that this cheese comes in different shapes.

From a block to pearls, balls, or logs, there are lots of ways that the cheese can come in.

Ideally, it is a natural (additive-free) product that is made from water buffalo or cow milk.

It can be quite challenging to slice as it is delicate and equally soft.

This is because it sticks to the knife or gets smashed easily.

Therefore, slicing it into even and uniform slices can be quite difficult.

Useful tricks

Well, since this type is quite tricky, then it is only right to learn a few tricks and tips on how you can make uniformly thin slices.

Here are a few tips that you can consider following:

Heat the knife

Run your blade under hot water for about a minute then dry it off.

You can also heat the blade over a stovetop burner.

Heating it is recommendable when the cheese has been chilled or frozen.

Oil it first

Oiling it slightly using vegetable oil is yet another trick that you can follow when you want to make uniform mozzarella slices.

Oiling the knife prevents the cheese from sticking to the surface.

In addition to this, oiling the knife allows it to slide easily as well.

Test it

Before you start slicing the block, it is recommendable that you first test the blade for sharpness.

Slice the top groove to assess how easy and clean the knife makes the slice.

Additionally, testing the edge also prepares you on how to make clean and consistent slices.

The best way to prepare the fresh cheese for slicing is by freezing it first.

However, this may interfere with the flavor and texture.

Only freeze the cheese for not more than 10 minutes as your goal is to make the exterior surface slightly firm.

What are the best tools for the job?

Cutting into soft cheese requires you to use an ultra-sharp blade.

There are lots of knives that you can use for slicing through cheese.

These blades are such as:

Cheese slicer

These slicers do not resemble a knife but work in a similar way.

The slicers feature a small handle connected to a rolling edge.

There is a wire crossed from one side to the other at the edge.

The roller in the slicers maintains an equal width while the wire slices through.

The thin metal wire pierces through the cheese easily while making smooth and even slices.

Boning knife

While a boning blade is not designed for this task, you can rely on it for making even and uniform cheese slices.

The main reason why the knife is a good choice is that it has a long thin blade.

Additionally, it allows you great control thereby making it easy for clean and uniform slices.

The only drawback about using boning knives is that they are incredibly flexible thereby making it hard to slice into soft cheese.

A bonus tip

The secret of making the best cheese slices is by having full control of the blade or slicer.

With the right tool, it becomes easy to make slices of preference.

If you are new to cutting mozzarella, you can consider watching tutorial videos and guides.


Slicing fresh mozzarella is a simple task that also doubles as art.

This is because you can slice the cheese in whichever way you want and make a variety of decorative slices.

Make different slice sizes and thicknesses depending on what you want to prepare.

Always handle cheese with care as it is delicate.

Mishandling it can ruin its texture and overall appearance.

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