How to Slice Pepperoni Thin: A Step By Step Guide

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 05/05/21 •  4 min read

Pepperoni is arguably the most popular and favorite pizza topping for most people.

This topping is tasty and uniquely delicious in a uniquely sliced form.

Ideally, it is a sausage product that is made from beef or pork.

Like other types of sausages, this pizza topping has an exterior casing that helps the pork/beef to retain its unique cylindrical form and shape.

Some of these casings are thin and hence edible, while others are thick, thus unpleasant to eat.

So, how do you slice pepperoni thin?

Slicing pepperoni thin is a simple task. All you need to hold the pizza topping with your non-dominant hand, then slice the sausage gently using a paring knife. For excellent control and precision, it is advisable that you hold the paring blade in your dominant hand.

Slice the sausage carefully from one end to the other while applying minimal force.

This is because it is delicate and can crush under pressure.

Hold it with the already cut facing downwards.

Then, spread the casing apart to push the pepperoni out.

If you are not planning on using it all at once, then you should store it in a sealed air-tight container.

Before and after handling it, ensure that you wash your hands and rinse them dry.

This prevents contamination.


What you should know

While slicing this thin is a simple task, it requires you to be extra careful so that you do not cause any damage to the sausage.

So, are there any considerations worth making when you are slicing this sausage thin?

Pick the perfect knife

The secret revolves around your choice of knife.

For starters, you should settle for a thin blade with a sharp cutting edge.

Avoid using thick blades as such blades may cause damage to the sausage.

Also, it is quite hard to make thin slices when using a thick blade.

The best thing with sharp blades is that you only need to exert minimal effort when controlling the blade.

Use a cutting board

A wooden cutting board provides you with a stable and firm platform for placing the pepperoni while slicing it.

You can place a damp towel on the board to prevent the sausage from sliding.

Consequently, this allows you to get straight and uniform slices.

Moderate temperature

The proper temperature is necessary for achieving consistently thin cuts.

The recommendable temperature is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is curled pepperoni on pizza tasty and delicious?

Once you have sliced the sausage thin and cut it into small sizes, it blossoms into a cup-like shape.

It develops a unique crispy edge that makes every bite crunchy and tasty.

The main reason why curled one is tasty is that the unique shape allows it to stand out from all other toppings.

As such, you enjoy the best crispiness, spice, and salt of the meat in the pizza.

What causes it curling on pizza?

Pepperoni curling is caused by the heat differential that exists between the slice’s top and bottom during cooking.

This curling only occurs in thick slices.

However, slices that are thicker than ¼” may be too stiff and tough to curl.

The casing also affects the process.

What is it comprised of?

Pepperoni comes in two varieties; one variant made from pork only and the other one from a mixture of beef and pork.

It is worth noting that turkey meat is also a commonly used meat substitute for this sausage.

The reddish color of this sausage is a result of curling with nitrites and nitrates.

Is it safe to eat without cooking?

Pepperoni is a dry sausage that is cured and thus can be eaten without cooking.

However, it is not advisable to eat too much without cooking.

The curing, drying, and fermentation are done to preserve the sausage so that it does not go bad.

The sodium, sugar, saturated fat, calories, and preservatives, and other additives in the sausage are unhealthy when consumed in plenty.

A Bonus Tip

Pepperoni is a unique sausage that allows you great freedom and flexibility when customizing your pizza toppings.

You can cut the sausage into different shapes and sizes, depending on your preferences.

This salty, fatty, and chewy pizza topping is also great when used in a cheesy deep or a sandwich.


There you have it.

We have given you an insight on how to slice pepperoni thin for the best topping results.

There are lots of ways on how you can customize this pizza topping to suit your taste, flavor, and delicacy needs.

Also, cut the pepperoni in your desired thickness depending on how you want to top your pizza or sandwich.

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