How To Thinly Slice Chicken Thighs

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 04/24/21 •  5 min read

Chicken is a favorite ingredient in the kitchen for both professional chefs working in hot kitchens or simple cooks and hobbyists who only make food at home.

This is because it is an affordable, nutritious, and very tasty protein that you can find all around the world.

And one of the most flavorful chicken parts you’ll be able to find in the grocery store is the thigh.

The chicken thigh is great dark meat that is packed with flavor and will stay tender and juicy even when cooked.

And a lot of recipes for the thigh involve cutting it very thinly, which is not the easiest job for some people.

But here is a quick overview of the steps involved.

#1. To slice chicken thighs thin, you will first need a long and sharp knife, ideally a chef knife.

#2. From there, you would want the thighs to be partially frozen so it is a bit more firm, but not solid.

#3. Once you have the right knife and the chicken is ready for slicing, simply get a good grip on the handle, and carefully slice the thighs into the right size for whatever recipe is being cooked.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how to slice chicken thighs thinly.

And we also give you a couple of extra tips that can make your time in the kitchen much easier.

Read on to learn more!


How To Thin Slice Chicken Thighs

Step One: Choose The Right Knife

This is the most important step when trying to get nice and thin slices of chicken thighs.

First, the knife has to be sharp so that it will easily cut through ingredients and also make things much safer for you as a sharp knife is less likely to slip and cause accidents.

Another requirement is the knife has to be the right size.

We recommend using a chef knife or santoku with a blade that is 8”-10” in length.

Of course, if you’re a taller person you might want a longer blade, while shorter blades would be ideal for smaller chefs.

Make sure it is a knife that you’re comfortable using and have good control over, as this will make the task much easier.

Step Two: Partially Freeze The Chicken

The next step is to partially freeze the chicken.

This is a technique used all around the world but is very prevalent in Japanese cooking.

You do not want the meat to freeze to a point where it gets hard, in fact, all you really need to do is stiffen it a bit in the freezer.

If the chicken is fresh or thawed, it might be best to wrap it and put it in the freeze for about 10-15 minutes before slicing.

And if you have frozen thighs, move them from the freezer to the refrigerator and let them thaw there overnight, which should give it just the right firmness to be sliced thinly and easily.

Step Three: Debone The Thigh

This is an optional step as a lot of people enjoys making bone-in-thigh recipes.

That being said, deboning the thigh can make it easier to work with and make slicing it much easier.

Start by patting the chicken dry with a paper towel until it is no longer slippery, and if you bought chicken thighs attached to drumsticks, cut between the joint that connects the two parts.

Once you have just the thigh part, you can flip it over and begin cutting along the bone, making sure to stay as close to it as possible so no meat will get wasted.

After cutting through the meat, you should be able to see the bone and be able to easily take it out of the thigh, which will make it much easier to process and cook with.

Step Four: Get Slicing!

Now that you have deboned the thigh, it’s time to start slicing it into thin pieces.

You can start by taking out the excess fat, meat, and skin that you don’t want to eat.

Some people prefer eating everything, while others might prefer to remove certain parts, which is completely fine too.

From there, you can start slicing them into the size you want.

This can be in thin strips for stir-frying, or thick strips, whatever you prefer.

And since you’re using a sharp blade and have removed the bone, this task should be relatively easy to accomplish.

Step Five: Cleanup

Once you have finished slicing and the chicken is cooking, the next step is to clean up.

Make sure to properly wash the knife, cutting board, and remove any scraps that may have been left at the kitchen counter.

And once that is completed, you have finished the job!

Now, all you have to do is wait for your food to finish cooking and enjoy the thinly cut chicken slices!


And that’s how you slice thin chicken slices!

With this information, you’ll now be able to cook a wide range of great-tasting and healthy chicken-thigh dishes in your own kitchen!

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