Where to Find Knife Sharpening Services Near Me?

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Whether you’re holding a set of Shun Premier knives or a budget-friendly collection of Chicago Cutlery blades, you have to sharpen them regularly.

How regularly?

Well, most experts recommend having your knife professionally sharpened at least once a year, depending on how often you use it.

However, many knife owners find themselves stumped when it comes to actually sharpen their knives, especially since whetstone sharpening is such a tough task.

There are many brands out there that offer free sharpening programs where all you have to do is send over your knives and the company will sharpen them for free.

For most people, this is the best way to maintain your blades.

In this article, we’ll be going through some of the most convenient ways to have your knife professionally sharpened.

Through our research, we found that these are the best places to get your knives sharpened;

If you aren’t sure which sharpening service is the best pick for you, you’ve come to the right place.

We go into more detail about the different knife sharpening services out there, so you’ll be able to figure out the right service for your needs.

Keep reading to learn more.

How Often Should I Sharpen My Knife?

As we mentioned earlier, experts recommend sharpening your knife at least once a year.

However, this depends on how often you use the knife and in what ways.

For example, professional chefs who use their knives for tough tasks all day, every day usually have to get them sharpened twice a year, if not more.

An average home cook who makes around 1-3 meals a day won’t usually have to sharpen their knives this often.

Remember, that sharpening is different from honing and it’s best to hone your knives before and after every use (but more on that later).

The best way to check if it’s time to sharpen your knife is to do the paper test.

Simple hold a piece of paper by the corner using your thumb and index finger and try to slice through the paper with your knife.

A sharp blade should easily be able to glide through the paper with close to no effort.

But if you notice your blade is having a hard time cutting through the paper, that’s an indicator that you need to sharpen your knife.

Where to Get Your Knife Professionally Sharpened

There are many different places that offer knife sharpening services, and each one has its own set of benefits.

In this section, we look closely at the different knife sharpening services near you.

In-store Sharpening

If you’re lucky enough, your local grocery store, knife store, or butcher’s shop might offer free sharpening services.

Certain stores offer free sharpening services to customers, but most people don’t know about them.

To check if your grocery has sharpening services, all you have to do is head to the meat section and ask.

The advantage of this is that you won’t have to spend at all to have your knives professionally sharpened and restored.

You can also leave the blades with the sharpener, go about your groceries and errands and come back to pick them up.

Keep in mind that not all stores offer this service so you will have to ask first.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get your blades perfectly and professionally restored without having to pay.


Korin Japanese Trading

Korin Japanese Trading is a retailer that many different chefs and home cooks love.

They are known for their extensive catalog of Japanese kitchen cutlery, tableware, and other kitchen products.

Korin hosts different products from a wide range of brands, but one service many people don’t know Korin offers is knife sharpening.

Korin stores have in-house professional knife sharpeners who can restore and hone your blade using whetstones and sharpening wheels.

You can trust Korin to expertly sharpen your knife as many different knife brands have given Korin authorization and certifications to re-sharpened blades from many top Japanese brands.

If you’re lucky enough to have a Korin store near you, simply head on over and ask about their sharpening services.

For those who don’t live near a Korin store, you can mail in your dull knife to have the blades re-sharpened.

The rate is around $15 per knife and your blades will arrive at your doorstep within two weeks.

Keep in mind that you also need to cover all shipping costs when having your knives resharpened by Korin.

Togu Knives

If you always want to have access to incredibly sharp Japanese kitchen cutlery, Togu Knives is a great service for you.

Togu is a knife subscription service where the company ships customers two newly sharpened kitchen knives every eight weeks.

For a $6 a month subscription you receive one santoku and one paring knife every eight weeks that is always very sharp.

Once you subscribe to the service, Togu sends you a pair of knives which arrive at your doorstep within 2-3 days.

After that, they will replace your set with a newly sharpened pair after eight weeks and you send your old pair back to them.

Shipping is included in the subscription fee, which is a huge plus for many chefs.

If you feel like your knives have dulled about before they send you a new set, you can always send it back earlier.

But since the blades are made out of VG-10 steel, the chances of this happening are very slim.

All the sharpening is done by hand with whetstones, which ensures that your blades will always have a razor-sharp edge when Togu ships them.



Arguably one of the best knife service providers out there, Carisolo offers regional delivery and mail-in knife sharpening all across the USA.

Based in Wisconsin, the Carisolo business is family-owned and is currently run by the family’s fourth and fifth generations.

When you send your knives to Carisolo, master sharpeners hone, polish, and re-sharpen the blades by hand using a water-cooled grindstone.

On top of that, Carisolo can also repair any chips or breaks in your knife.

Carisolo sharpens single and double-beveled blades while also sharpening machine blades like those for food processors.

Prices for Carisolo services range between $50-$100, depending on the number of blades you need to be serviced.

The $50 package is used to sharpen up to five knives, while the $100 package sharpens 17-20 blades.

This is a great service for chefs and home cooks alike and is an easy and quick way to keep your blades razor-sharp.

National Sharpening Co.

This company offers great mobile sharpening services for people in a variety of locations.

The National Sharpening Co also offers mail-in services for customers across the United States.

The company services a wide variety of blades, from standard kitchen knives to serrated knives and kitchen shears.

When you send your knives to the company, they use a combination of machine sharpening and stone sharpening to achieve the sharpest edge possible.

Pricing depends on the knife, but you can pay as low as $6 for a paring knife and $14 for a traditional Japanese chef knife.

Sur La Table

Sur La Table

For those in need of sharpening services on a budget, Sur La Table might be the best pick for you.

Sur La Table has over 100 different locations across the United States.

Sharpening at Sur La Table can cost you as low as $5 per knife, which allows chefs on a budget to restore the edge of their favorite blades.

They can sharpen any knife out there from traditional chef knives to large Japanese blades.

Keep in mind at Sur La Table uses a machine to sharpen knives.

So, this means that their sharpening services won’t be as tailored or bespoke, but it still restores a razor-sharp edge to the blade.

Why Should I Have My Knife Professionally Sharpened?

One of the main reasons both chefs and home cooks should have their knives professionally sharpened is safety.

Contrary to popular belief, dull knives are actually more dangerous than sharp ones.

Dull knives are more likely to slip from the ingredients you’re slicing, which could spell a wide range of different problems.

When a knife slips when slicing, you could risk injuring yourself, which no one wants in the kitchen.

On top of that, dull knives are also harder to use.

With a dull knife, chefs will have a hard time making even and precise cuts in the kitchen.

And as everyone knows, slicing and prepping food evenly is key to ensuring the food cooks evenly.

So, to ensure the best kitchen experience, we recommend that chefs always use sharp knives when slicing.


Sharpening a knife is hard.

Commercial knife sharpeners are too abrasive, while whetstones require lots of practice before getting it right.

So, many chefs and cooks out there prefer hiring a professional to sharpen their knives.

When a knife is professionally sharpened, you don’t have to worry about applying the wrong techniques and potentially damaging the knife.

If you need to get your knife sharpened, we highly recommend the sharpening services mentioned above.

And once you figure out which one first your needs the best, all that’s left to do is mail in your knives or visit the store and your blades will be razor-sharp in no time!

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