Mercer Culinary Genesis Review: How Good Is This Mercer Culinary Genesis Set?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 07/19/18 •  4 min read

You know what?

The Mercer Genesis 6-piece set comes with high-quality knives that will match your food preparation needs.

It’s a knife set that stands out from the others for the comfort, performance and, efficiency it brings to your kitchen.

Read on and get to know why most chefs prefer this knife set over the others.



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Blades That are Easy to Sharpen and Clean

Maintaining the sharpness of the knives in this set is pretty easy.

The blades are high-carbon German steel which makes honing the edges to high levels of sharpness a quick process.

The high-carbon steel also allows the blades to retain the razor-sharp edges for long.

It ensures your cutting, peeling, and chopping works are thorough and effortless.

When it comes to keeping hygiene, you will have no trouble with the knives in this Genesis 6-piece set.

The blades are stain and rust-resistant.

Cleaning them takes you no time and doesn’t need any special cleaning process.

Even when you’ve cut through fruits and vegetables that are highly staining, the steel blade only needs to be rinsed in water to return to its original state.

Moisture won’t affect the high-carbon blades either.

It allows you to use the knives under any conditions.

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Full-Tang Construction

All the knives in the set feature a full tang blade to prevent breakage.

It allows you to cut through hard foods without worry that the knife‘s blade will snap in two or come off the handle.

The construction assures you of long-lasting knives.

The full tang construction also prevents the knives in the Genesis 6-piece set from developing a wobbly blade over time.

With knives that are ever firm, you will not be buying a new set for a long time to come.

Santoprene Ergonomic Handles for Safety and Comfort

Cutting with the knives in the Genesis 6 piece set is comfortable and fatigue-free.

The handle is not only ergonomic but also features Santoprene.

This rubberized material provides a non-slip, soft surface to make your grip firmer even when you’re using the knife in wet conditions.

It makes the handle safer, more comfortable, and easy to use.

Santoprene also makes the handles long-lasting.

It resists damage due to heat or cold as well as the oils in the kitchen.

The durability of the handle combined with the long-lasting blades makes the knives in the Genesis 6-piece set cost-effective in the long run.

To improve balance and make cutting easier, all the knives in this set come equipped with a bolster.

The bolster also protects your fingers from accidental cuts when chopping and slicing hard foods.

Modern-look Glass Storage Block

Apart from the great workmanship, the knives in the Genesis 6-piece set introduce in your kitchen, you also get a glass storage block.

The block is modern-looking to grace the kitchen while providing a secure storage place for your knives.

The glass that makes the block is tempered and won’t break easily, providing for a safer kitchen.

The handles are a Santoprene material that’s comfortable and soft on your hands.

Keeping your knives in the glass block helps protect their blades to retain sharp edges for long.

It also offers a safe way to store the knives as the block is made to resist tipping over.

The block is easy to take apart for cleaning, ensuring you’re always storing your knife set in a clean environment.


The Mercer Genesis 6-piece set offers you great value for your money.

It’s reasonably priced, given the quality materials the knives are made from.

The Genesis 6-piece set will make your food preparation effortless.

The efficiency you stand to achieve from the razor-sharp blades and ergonomic handles of these knives is unmatched.

You also experience improved safety with the bolstered, weight-balanced handles.

To transform your kitchen experience, whether a professional or not, buy the Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-piece knife set today.

It will help to bring out the best of your culinary skills.

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