Mercer Culinary Renaissance Review: Is This 6-Piece Mercer Renaissance Set Any Good?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 07/19/18 •  4 min read

Did you know?

This Mercer Culinary knife set consists of many different knives and a block of glass to store them.

Each knife in the set is designed to help you perform your tasks with precision and ease.

If you’re looking for an impressive knife set that will blend well with your culinary skills, the Renaissance 6-piece should make a perfect choice.

Read on to find out why.



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Stain and Rust Resistant Blades

When working in the kitchen, your knives inevitably get exposed to all sorts foods stains.

That shouldn’t present any worry if you’re using the Mercer Renaissance knife set.

All the knives in the set come with stain resisting blades made from quality German steel.

It allows you to wash the knives to be spotlessly clean after use.

The blades are also rust-resistant and will not be damaged by the moist conditions of the kitchen.

Whether you store the knives on the kitchen’s counter-top or cabinet, the blades will always remain rust-free.

The high-carbon German steel that makes the blades sharpens easily to produce a super-sharp edge.

In addition to being easy to sharpen, the high-carbon helps to keep the sharpness for long, reducing the number of times you have to carry out the honing.

To ensure the entire length of the blade gets sharpened, the knives feature a shorter bolster on their handles.

With the short bolster, the whole blade is exposed for full-length honing.

It allows you to use every part of the blade and improves the knife‘s efficiency.

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Strong Ergonomically Designed Handles for Comfort

Using the different knives in this set doesn’t result in numbness or fatigue even when you have to work with them for long hours.

The handles feature an ergonomic design that fits your hand well to provide a comfortable grip.

The handles also feature a triple rivet construction to ensure the blade is firmly held in.

It improves the longevity of the knives by preventing the loosening of the blades.

Full Tang Blade for Durability

The blade of each knife in the Renaissance 6-piece set runs up the entire length of the handle for increased strength.

With the full tang construction, you can use the knives on different foods and still have the blade intact.

The construction improves the durability of the knives in this set.

One-Piece Forged Blade

To make the knives in the Renaissance set corrosion-resistant and long-lasting, the blade is cut from one piece German steel and forged.

The process creates a blade that doesn’t corrode easily, increasing the knife‘s lifespan.

It also produces a blade that’s strong enough to resist breakage, allowing you to use the knives on different types of foods including hard ones.

Glass Storage Block

The Mercer Renaissance 6-piece set comes with a glass block to act as the storage unit.

Being made of glass, the storage block offers you several advantages.

It makes the knives visible from the outside, making identification easy.

The glass block is also easy to keep clean since it doesn’t allow stains to stick.

Mercer made the glass block easy to take apart.

It features two screws on its upper side that you undo to slide the panes away from each other.

It makes cleaning inside of the block less difficult for hygiene purposes.


The Mercer Renaissance 6-piece set brings unmatched performance and precision to your cutting tasks.

The knives in the set are uniquely designed to perform their specific tasks.

They are made from quality materials to ensure durability as well as efficiency.

With them, cutting, chopping, peeling, and other tasks will become more precise, fast, and easy.

If you’re seriously looking to improve on the way you prepare food in the kitchen, I would recommend that you get the Mercer Renaissance 6-piece knife set.

It’s a knife collection that will not let you down.

Buy it today and give your tasks in the kitchen a different experience.

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