Paring Knife Storage – What are the Best Solutions?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 02/24/19 •  3 min read

The most obvious way to properly store your paring knife is to put it in a block, in its right slot. Most kitchen blocks, even the basic ones with less than ten notches, will have one for this particular blade.

A wall magnet may also work well for this. But there are other great ways to store this handy little tool the right way.

All knives, whether that’s a huge cleaver or a tiny paring blade, must be stored properly.
And when we say ‘properly’, we mean individually, so that no piece will touch or bang into another kitchen tool which may cause the steel to get bent or the edge to be dulled.

Aside from the most conventional – those which are mentioned above – there are different ways to do this. Several more are listed below.

But before we go into that, get to know more about the neat little tool that you ought to have in your arsenal.

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It is relatively smaller than the chef’s knife and way smaller than the meat cleaver. You might as well call it a junior knife.

It gives you a lot of services. Before fruit peelers came to the market, it was widely used to peel potatoes, fruits, and vegetables.

But how do you store them? That is the question.

Every problem has a business nowadays with a wide range of products that stems from it, you might stumble upon a paring knife holder someday as well.

But the normal knife holders don’t always work for paring knives.

I have some solutions in my mind. You can try them.

Solution #1: Use a pocket knife storage

Most of the pocket knife bags and cases available in the market will make perfect storage for your small knives.

You can also use a paintbrush bag to store your paring knives. It will do the same thing for you.

Solution #2: Use corks on the tips

The tips of the knives are the sharpest part. If you stick some wine corks on the tips, they will become harmless.

You can keep the little snakes without their poison in the drawer after that.

Solution #3: DIY ideas

You can use some Do-it-yourself ideas while storing your pairing knives.

Take a small jar and fill it up with rice grains.

You can also use cotton balls and different types of powders if you want.

Keep your pairing knives upside down in the filled jar, with their butts facing upwards. The razor should be buried in the grains.

The jar has to be smaller than your knives, definitely.

If you are using rice grains, your jar will last for a long time. In some parts of the world, people use rice-filled jars as incense burners.

You can also use a little box that can hold them inside. Find a piece of foam that goes into the box. And you have your knife storage.


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