Shun Fuji Chef Knife Review: Is It Really A Good Choice For You?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 11/12/20 •  4 min read

When you are looking for a knife that is fast, precise, and accurate in chopping and slicing, you should look no further than at the Shun Fuji.

This beautiful, decorative and functional knife comes with ultra-sharpness right from the box.

With this blade, you do not need to sharpen or polish it before you start slicing through food.

Featuring 161 layers of steel and nickel, this knife is designed to cut through even the hardest and toughest foods with great ease.

Ideally, the knife is specially built to last a lifetime while giving you excellent performance.


  1. Well balanced
  2. Comfortable and ergonomic handles
  3. Ultra-sharp blades
  4. Excellent edge retention


  1. Not ideal for chopping massive meat carcasses

Sturdy Handle

The handle in the Shun Fuji is made from dark wood.

This high-quality wood is impervious to heat thereby making it comfortable to hold.

Due to its ergonomic design, the handle features unique flexibility that makes it possible to have a firm and secure grip on the handle.

The smooth texture on the handle ensures that you do not develop blisters even after holding the knife for long durations.

The smooth polish and finish on the handle enhances its waterproof properties and hence not affected by water.

There is a stylish metallic strip at the tip of the handle for enhancing the overall décor of the knife.

Strong and Sharp Blade

Shun blades are constructed using 2 metal types; high carbon stainless steel and VG10.

These metals are sandwiched together to create a light and strong blade with enhanced stain resistance.

Additionally, the sandwiching of these metals also results in a beautiful pattern that brings about the uniqueness of the blade.

The best thing about the lightness of the blade is that it allows for easy control and maneuvering of the blade.

Another thing to note about this feature is that it eliminates the likelihood of fatigue in the hands even after using the knife for long durations.

The blade in the Shun Fuji knife is exceptionally sharp and able to retain its sharpness in the long run.

Therefore, you can use these knives for a long time without having to sharpen them every now and then.

All you need to do is hone the blade to straighten the edge.

Handcrafted Construction

One of the most unique aspects of Shun knives is that they are specially handcrafted by expert and pro craftsmen.

Each of the Shun Fuji knives in the market features a distinctive and functionally hammered finish that highlights the uniqueness of the brand.

The handcrafting ensures that there are no defects or flaws in these knives.

Quality and Performance

Shun, as a brand, focuses heavily on the quality of all its products.

True to this, this Shun chef knife boasts of unmatched performance and quality.

With these knives, you can be certain that food preparation will become a breeze as the blades slice through the food easily with the utmost precision and accuracy.

These are knives that come with a guarantee of lasting for a lifetime without losing their sharpness or uniqueness.

Customer Feedback

Overall, Shun Fuji is a brand that enjoys a massive following and recognition across the globe.

Most people who use these knives laud their sharpness and durability as the key features of these blades.

The wooden handle with a polished finish is yet another aspect that people like most about these knives.

According to the majority of the reviews on the knife, its superior construction translates to better performance and quality.


It is arguably true that the Shun Fuji chef knife is a blade that is designed to meet all your slicing, cutting, and chopping needs in the kitchen.

When you invest in this knife, you can be certain that you will enjoy limitless cutting, slicing, and chopping capabilities.

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