Shun Hiro Santoku Knife Review: Is It Good?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 11/06/20 •  4 min read

Everyone wants a durable, sharp, and efficient knife for their daily slicing and chopping needs in the kitchen.

Based on evidence from Shun Hiro chef’s knife review and feedback, the Shun Hiro knife is a blade whose popularity has grown tremendously over the years.

Basically, this knife is reputable, popular, and globally recognized for its exquisite appearance, appealing features, and durability.

Due to its ultra-hardness, the knife comes in handy for all your cutting needs in the kitchen.

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  1. Comfortable handle
  2. Overall durable construction
  3. Flexible design
  4. Versatile blade with unlimited cutting, slicing, and chopping functions


  1. Not the best choice for slicing excessively tough and hard foods

Blade and material

The blade is essentially the most important part of a knife as it determines the efficiency with which the knife will cut through foods of varying thickness, toughness, and hardness.

The blade in this knife is made from Damascus nickel, which is high-quality steel that is durable and genuinely hard.

The material provides for the easy sharpening of the blade and also retains the sharpness for a long time.

Due to the exclusive sharpness of the cutting edge, the Shun Hiro knife slides through different food items with great ease.

The asymmetrical edge in this blade makes it easy for you to maintain clean and straight lines when slicing your food item.

With a 64 Rockwell Hardness, this blade is sufficiently hard such that it does not chip, bend or break even when cutting through hard surfaces.


The second most unique and important part of a knife is its handle.

For that reason, the handle in the Shun Hiro knife is made using high quality engineered wood that is durable and solid.

This strengthened handle holds well against wear and tear while ensuring that it gives you a comfortable and firm grip.

The curved sculpture at the end of the handle provides support to the hand thereby allowing you to exert as much pressure and effort as you want without injuring your fingers.

It is also worth noting that the handle is ergonomically designed for stable and comfortable grips.


The most fascinating aspect of the Shun Hiro is that it is an evenly balanced knife.

The weight of this blade is spread evenly along its length.

This balanced feel goes a long way in ensuring that you are able to have the best control and accuracy when making precise cuts.

The well-balanced feel of the blade also favors amateur chefs as it allows the chefs to make the best cuts without risking any injuries to the fingers and hands.

Build quality

Overall, the Shun Hiro boasts of unique build quality.

Ideally, this blade is designed and made superiorly by pro craftsmanship that ensures that the knife delivers the best cutting experience.

Thanks to its unique build quality, this knife is a perfect choice for everyday use in a home kitchen or even in a commercial restaurant.

However, for the blade to last for long, you should take good care of it and sharpen it regularly depending on the frequency of use.

Overall customer feedback

Most people who own and use this knife have tons of praise and appreciation for the blade.

Most people cite its balanced feel as one of its most amazing attributes.

Additionally, the blade is ultra-sharp thereby allowing users to make precise and accurate cuts easily.

The overall appearance and decorativeness of the blade is yet another aspect that people love about the knife.


Are you in the market for a knife that will provide you with excellent value for money while giving you the best service? If yes, then the Shun Hiro knife is the best choice for you.

The knife is designed to provide you with a high-performance cutting tool for all your kitchen cutting needs.

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