Shun 2-Piece Shears Set Review: Could It Be A Good Choice For Your Kitchen?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 11/09/20 •  3 min read

Shears are important and useful in any modest kitchen.

This is because there are tons of activities you can accomplish using these heavy-duty scissors.

You can use them for cutting steams and bones among other cutting tasks in the kitchen.

This handy tool is not only easy to use but also quite safe even for amateur chefs and kids.

Shun shears are multipurpose and are designed with specific features that make them an ideal choice for any kitchen; whether a home kitchen or a commercial one.


  1. Heavy-duty design and construction
  2. Super sharp with excellent edge retention
  3. Strong handles
  4. Easy to use
  5. Multipurpose tool for a variety of uses in the kitchen


  1. Not ideal for cutting through hard foods

High-carbon blades

Shun is known for using the best materials when it comes to designing its products.

True to this, the Shun shears feature high-carbon molybdenum vanadium stainless steel that is popular and reputable for its durability.

Additionally, this steel enhances cutting performance.

What is more amazing about the stainless-steel construction is that it also boasts of rust and corrosion-resistant properties.

Therefore, they remain in pristine condition throughout their life.

Designed for convenience

These kitchen shears by Shun are designed for convenient use in the kitchen.

For starters, due to the unique sharpness, they are able to tear through food easily thereby allowing you to cut stems and other vegetables in your preferred sizes.

Additionally, they are easy to clean as you can separate the blades while cleaning.

The interlock screw adjusts tension depending on your preferences.

Comfortable handles

The handles feature a black elastomer grip that allows you to enjoy secure and comfortable control.

The elastomer is heavy-duty and designed to withstand extreme wear and tear even with constant use.

What is more amazing to note about these handles is that they feature a flexible design that makes it comfortable to fit different finger sizes.

The handles are waterproof and hence they are not damaged by water or exposure to moisture.

Made for professionals

The fanciest aspect here is that they are designed to provide you with the best professional experience.

These professional-grade shears are easy to sharpen and feature full-tang extensions that stretch into the handles thereby enhancing the strength and sturdiness.

It is worth noting that they have a flat edge and one micro-serrated one.

This combination provides you with a powerful and incredibly efficient cutting tool.

This kitchen tool also features a bone tool for versatility.

Powerful and decorative tool

This beautiful tool is especially suited to rhyme perfectly with any kitchen décor.

In addition to this, they combine elegance with the strength to provide you with sufficient power for cutting through lobster shells.

Ideally, you can use the shears for preparing a variety of foods in the kitchen.

Overall customer feedback

Chefs and cooks who use the Shun Shears find the tool to be quite satisfying.

This is because the shears are not only beautiful but equally functional and reliable.

Additionally, chefs and cooks have it that the tool is effortless to sharpen and retains its sharpness for a long time.

Therefore, they do not require sharpening every few days.


This Shun shears set features heavy-duty capabilities that make it possible to use the tool for cutting through cartilage and bones.

The sturdy construction coupled with their smooth cutting action, sharpness as well as the handles’ comfort make the tool to become a worthy purchase.

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