What Is A Chef’s Knife Used For Exactly?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 03/16/21 •  8 min read

As the name indicates, the chef knife is a knife that only professionals use.

Being one of the unique cooking tools, you can use them for a variety of tasks, from peeling fruits and vegetables to slicing the bread and all the other tasks of the kitchen.

In simple words, it is an all-purpose knife that almost all chefs and professional cooks prefer to keep in their kitchens.

If you are also passionate about cooking, you should read this comprehensive guide that will tell you how you can use it for your kitchen and what are its uses.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What is it?

Chef knives are professional knives that are used to carry out all the cutting and slicing tasks in the kitchen.

Due to their diverse usage and application, chefs and cooks prefer to use them for all the cutting purposes.

The length of these knives is usually not more than 8 inches.

Well, here you might want to ask about the composition of these knives.

Stainless steel and carbon steel, both are used in the formation of these knives.

Some of the major distinguishing features include the prominent point and the sharp edges of these knives that make them highly suitable for all kinds of cutting and slicing tasks.

The interesting part?

You can really enjoy cutting with this if you know how to use the rocking motion cutting technique.

Ever heard of it? Well, let me explain.

The chef knives have a considerably longer handle that makes them suitable for the back and forth motion over the object that you want to cut.

So, the object that you are going to cut will be placed in the middle portion under the knife and you will move the knife along the whole length of the blade.

In this way, you will get a more efficient final product.

What to know before buying one?

While buying a chef knife, make sure that the knife is full-tang and the tang is extended throughout the length.

Moreover, you should also look for the durability and other features that are necessary to give the overall balance and strength to the knives.

I highly recommend the chef knives because they are super strong and help you in cutting things quickly and efficiently.

Keep in mind that they are a bit expensive than the other knives and you should be prepared to spend a bit more on these knives.

Paying you more for these knives will never put you at loss, as they are long-lasting, and made up of high-quality stainless and carbon steel.

Thus, they are always rust-free and do not corrode.

How to use it?

Before buying, people want to know more and more about their uses.

As discussed earlier, they are multi-purpose knives and you can use them to carry out almost all the cutting, chopping, and dicing tasks.

If I tell you about my personal experience, I use it for chopping the herbs and micing the garlic.

However, you can also use these knives for the larger tasks that are not possible to carry out using other knives, such as slicing a ham, dicing the garlic, etc.

As we know that the American kitchens often prefer to have fewer tools as compared to traditional kitchens.

It is due to this reason they keep the chef blades to carry all the basic, small, and large tasks using the all-in-one tools.

If you also have an American kitchen and want to keep fewer knives, I prefer you to keep the bread knife, ceramic knife as well as chef knife.

Having only these three tools means that you have all the equipment for cutting the hard objects into smaller ones.

Many people want to know:

Can we use it for carving as well?

The answer to this question is quite simple.

Yes, you can use them for carving and slicing all kinds of fruits, vegetables, meat steaks, meat chunks, whole chicken pieces, and all the stuff that is ever possible to be cut with the carving knives.

Now you can understand how important it is to keep the chef knife in the kitchen.

When to use it?

Here it is worth mentioning that if you do not know when and where to use it, then there is no use keeping this knife in your kitchen.

The right usage and the knowledge of when you should use the chief knife are mandatory if you want to take the maximum benefit out of this amazing cutting and slicing tool.

One of the simple answers to ‘When to use it” is that you should use it constantly for all of your cutting tasks.

In our daily life, we come across a lot of cutting tasks such as we need to cut apples, potatoes, tomatoes, bananas, bread, buns, and other things that consist of meat and cleaving bones.

The good news is that you can use them to cut all the above-mentioned things and even the other food items that are not mentioned in this list.

How to sharpen it?

If you want to sharpen the chef knife, you will need a honing rod or a whetstone.

In this era of modernism and technological advancement, you can also sharpen these knives very efficiently using electric sharpeners.

Even if you cannot afford to buy an electric sharpener, you can go to the shop and seek the help of professional sharpening service providers to proceed with this task.

The biggest advantage of taking the services of professional sharpeners is that they will help you in keeping the knife as sharp as new.

Benefits of using one

Final verdict

If you are still confused about whether or not you should buy the chef knife, you may miss a lot.

After I personally used the chef knives, I felt motivated to use them for all of my cutting, chopping, and slicing tasks.

The good thing is that you no longer need to be a professional chef to take advantage.

Just go to the market or visit the online store and buy your favorite chef knife.

The amazing cutting experiences will blow your mind.

Ryan Leavitt

Hi my name is Ryan Leavitt a Marine Corps Veteran and currently an over the road trucker (Long Haul). I am no expert chef but am enjoying preparing my own meals on the road and testing all the different knives.