What Is A Knife Lanyard Used For?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 04/12/21 •  4 min read

Have you ever seen the small thread-like material attached to the handle through the rope?

If yes, then you already know about the knife lanyard.

If your blade has a lanyard, you can easily slip into one or two fingers and a wrist.

Here you might be wondering:

What is the purpose of attaching one to the knife?

Well, let’s make it easier.

It is designed to add more security to the knife.

So you can simply call it a security feature for your blade.

What is its purpose?

You can enjoy more safety when you use it to attach your blade with other things such as your belt or any other object that you want to carry.

It also prevents your blade from dropping and even if it gets loose, you can easily figure it out.

The importance doubles when you have to move inside the water and keep it with yourself as a security tool.

Moreover, if you are working at an altitude, you cannot afford the loss.

So it maintains safety and security and provides it extra grip.

How to use it?

As discussed earlier, you can wrap it around the back of your hand.

However, some people prefer it around the wrist or the fingers.

However, the benefit of wrapping it around the back of your hand is that you can easily proceed with the chopping tasks while it is around.

Is it dangerous?

Some people use the considerably large loose ropes as its and can get into great trouble if they wrap them around the necks.

Keep in mind that lanyards can be very dangerous if the grip gets too strong or hard.

Thus, in some cases, even if it is wrapped around your hand and someone grips the knife strongly and pulls it away, then it can be a very painful condition.

Here you may want to know the solution:

Of course, not using it at all cannot be the best solution.

However, if you use the plastic fastener and attach it with it instead of your hand or neck, you can ensure safety.

However, in case, you are hurt by the pulling of it, you can get relieved by using the medications.

Why put it on a pocket knife?

As we know a lanyard is a long piece of rope or a paracord that ties to the end at one side and can be attached to another place for the added security.

Adding it to the pocket knife not only enhances the overall look but also helps you in achieving a feeling of uniqueness and personalization regarding your blade.

Another reason why you should attach it to your blade is that it makes it easy to get the pocket knife out of your pocket (and we assume that the thief does not know about this).

The presence of it on the pocket knife ensures that you have the maximum grip on your small pocket knife.

The interesting part?

Nowadays, its are available with glow-in-the-dark features so that you can save your pocket knife from losing it when you are outside in the dark or anywhere in the jungle.

One example of such lanyards is the neon lanyard.

So now even if you have dropped your pocket knife anywhere at knife time, you do not need to say goodbye to your favorite knife.

The lanyard is always there to help.

Common materials used

The most common materials that are used for the ready-made, as well as the custom lanyards, include Nylon, cotton, and polyester.

However, it with glow-in-the-dark features may consist of the shiny material that glows in the night.

Cotton lanyards are immensely popular among the rich people of the world.

However, the choice of it material depends on your personal choices and preferences.

How much does it cost?

The costs of it depend upon the width of it.

For example, it with the ⅜” width is available in the $0.6-$0.8 price range.

However, the price increases with the width and change in the material type.

But do not worry.

You can easily purchase high-quality lanyards for $1, so the purchase of your favorite lanyard can never be a financial burden for you.


If you love to collect knives, the addition of lanyards on the knives is an interesting thing.

The lanyards can be used to distinguish one knife category from the other.

For this purpose, you should use a lanyard of the same colors and design for the same kind of knives.

Hope you will love this idea.

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