What Is A Marlin Spike Knife Used For?

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The Marlin Spike knife is a special folding knife that consists of a regular sharp blade on one end and a marlinspike on the other. This is carried more often by mariners and outdoorsmen because the marlinspike is a thick and long needle-like tool used to unlay ropes, untie knots, or create the marlinspike hitch.

The most basic type of folding knife – the straight razor which can be folded into a sheath – actually resembles the first-ever pocket knife dating from 500 BC.

But a whole lot of many variations have cropped up since then.

The Marlin Spike knife is one of the most impressive because it’s quite versatile even if it doesn’t seem like it at first sight.

Usually, the blade would be outfitted with several other features to make it extra useful. Also, any pointy tool like the spike can be used for numerous other things besides what’s mentioned above.

What is it used for?

According to Wikipedia:

A Marlinspike knife is a tool used in marine ropework. Shaped in the form of a polished metal cone tapered to a rounded or flattened point, it is used in such tasks as unlaying rope for splicing, untying knots, drawing marline tight using a marlinspike hitch, and as a toggle joining ropes under tension in a belaying pin splice.

To make everything simple, let’s make it clear that these knives are a kind of sailing knives that sailors and divers have been using for centuries. The major role of these knives is for cutting purposes. They are commonly used to slice and cut the ropes.

The spike is used for slicing purposes while the sharp-edged blade is perfect for rope cutting.

Most of the sailing knives also contain a shackle key that helps in unlocking the shackles in the sailing. These are must-have tools for sailors and boaters.

What are the best options?

If you are out there in the market and are searching for the right one for your outdoor tasks, you should focus on the given list of top-notch marlin spike knives.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Laser engraved

The blade is made up of 3-inch stainless steel. The interesting thing about it is that it attains the shape of the boat when you fold it and looks like a stunning product.

So if you want to present any knife to the guests or are looking for a unique cutting and slicing product, you should go for this type of knife. The handle is a beautiful and handsome laser engraved that makes an extraordinary tool.

In simple words, it has the potential to grab the attention of everyone.

Spyderco Atlantic

Spydero is a well-reputed and well-recognized brand and has been manufacturing high-quality marlin spike knives for years. It presents the Atlantic salt marlin spike knives that have the potential to blow your mind.

These knives are most commonly available in yellow and white color combinations and the whole length of the knife is never more than 8 inches. This feature makes these knives smart and medium-sized yellow knives.

So next time when you go to the market, you should consider buying Spyderco products.

Myerco Sailor’s Knife

It is a small and compact choice that you can easily fold and keep in your pocket. The distinguishing feature of the Myerc knives is the ultra compactness that makes them highly portable and lightweight. Their blades are short and sharp and often made up of stainless and rust-free material.

The interesting part?

Despite covering the shackle key, marlin spike features, it can also be used for bottle opening purposes. But still, it has a total length of only 6 inches. The folded Meyerco sailor knife covers

Wusthof Pro

It is a top-selling product that has the perfect size with high-quality material. The length of the whole knife is almost 10 inches with a super-sharp edge. The ergonomic handle is not small either. It is mainly designed to carry out the major rope cutting and sailing tasks that have the potential to meet professional standards.


It Features a honed blade, marlinspike, shackle key, bottle opener, and stainless steel handle, and much more. It is an all-in-one tool that is effective in a wide range of outdoor activities such as fishing, sailing, hunting, camping, etc.

The design is professional. It is not only lightweight but also compact and concise. To make a long story short, it has all the tools that you might think of.

It will help you in a better way than most other knives and you will enjoy its presence with you wherever you go outside.

Final Verdict

Marlin spike knives are the traditional knives that have evolved from the ancient rope knives. The structure of these knives still resembles the ancient rope and sailing knives, but now the improved structure of these knives has a lot of variations that will blow your mind.

By the way, have you ever used it? If yes, what was the brand?

Make a quick comment right now and share your experiences with us.

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