What Is A Peeling Knife Used For?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 03/17/21 •  4 min read

If you’re interested in taking your kitchen to the next level, it makes a lot of sense to invest in a variety of knives.

Getting a dedicated set or buying specific knives individually does help quite a bit.

It helps you focus on the results you want, and the return on investment can indeed be among some of the best on the market.

Once you know what is it used for, you will certainly want one for your kitchen set.

Why is it important?

The truth is that having a variety of knife types can help you cook more, interesting and distinctive dishes.

Otherwise, you will be limited only to certain recipes.

Experimenting and trying out new things is the essence of cooking, and that’s why you always want to push the boundaries and come up with something unique and creative all the time.

What can you use it for?

As the name suggests, the main purpose of it is to peel a variety of food ingredients.

You want to remove the protective layer of most fruits and veggies, as it’s either not edible, or it can have pesticides or anything similar to that.

Plus, once you use it and remove that, you will have the clear fruit or vegetable, and that will help eliminate any of the potential issues that might arise.

What you will notice is that it can be used to peel just about anything.

Just because it’s a specialized knife, that doesn’t mean this is dull.

Instead, such a knife is very sharp, and that can be quite an important thing to keep in mind.

You need to pay attention to the way you are using it, just to make sure that you prevent any kind of damage.

Is the peeling knife safe to use?

Yes, but that means you have to follow the instructions and prevent misuse of the knife.

Once you start doing that, it can lead to all kinds of problems.

We believe that it’s a very good idea to avoid keeping your hands on the item you want to peel.

The knife is very powerful, and it peels really fast.

That’s why you want to address the situation and ensure you are getting the utmost experience.

Taking the right precautions is extremely important, and it will keep you away from any possible problems that can sometimes arise in a situation like this.

How can you choose?

A good peeling knife is usually small and it will have a blade length of up to 7-11 centimeters.

The edge of such a knife is straight.

Not only that, but the back is running down towards the blade’s tip.

A lot of people mistake it with the santoku knife, just because it’s so similar.

However, this is not the same as a turning knife or a paring knife.

Those have their own uses, and that’s certainly something to take into consideration.

Is it dull or sharp?

The best peeling knives are actually quite sharp.

So you don’t have to worry about sharpness, they will cut very well, so you need to take your time and take the right safety precautions.

Sometimes the blade can end up dull, especially if you are cooking a lot of food.

That’s why you want to experiment and try out some new things, just to see how it all works and the results that you can get.

How to test it?

If you have the opportunity to test it before you buy, that’s always a great idea.

You can test out a variety of different things and then choose the right knife accordingly.

The best initial test is to slice copy paper and see how well it does there.

Then you can go ahead and slice some cheddar cheese.

If that’s all good, you can peel and slice fresh ginger and some apples.

You can also try to section oranges and even hull strawberries.

All of these are a great test because you get to see just how good the peeling knife is with all kinds of different food ingredients.

Even if you just want to peel apples with it, you still want to test it with a variety of different food types.


We recommend you take your time and test out a multitude of peeling knives before you pick the one you want.

With that in mind, it’s a very good idea to avoid any rush and focus on results.

The peeling knives are very efficient, dependable and they get the job done for a multitude of kitchen tasks.

Use these tips listed above and don’t hesitate to check multiple brands before you choose your own peeling knife!

Ryan Leavitt

Hi my name is Ryan Leavitt a Marine Corps Veteran and currently an over the road trucker (Long Haul). I am no expert chef but am enjoying preparing my own meals on the road and testing all the different knives.