What Is A Scimitar Knife Used For?

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The Scimitar (alternative spelling: cimeter) is a type of butcher’s knife that has a long, thin blade that curves upwards to the tip, quite similar to the Middle Eastern sword of the same name. This is used for slicing meat into smaller cuts and trimming off undesirable parts, usually for retail sales.

There are numerous kinds of knives in a butcher’s arsenal and it can be hard to differentiate one from the other.

Let’s take the scimitar as an example. It is incredibly similar in appearance to the regular butcher’s knife and the breaking one because all these have thin, long blades that arc up in a pointy curve.

Because of those similarities, it’s easy to assume that one can be used for the other.
Yet this is a huge misconception that may prove dangerous.

To know more about this particular blade and how wholly different this is from its contemporaries, continue reading on…

Why does it have a Granton edge?

Granton edge knives feature hollowed-out sections that provide extraordinary strength to the knives and often run at both sides of the blade.

When cutting or slicing meat, these edges come between the juice and the mass of the meat, thus permitting less contact between the meat and blade.

The use of Granton Scimitar knives is very common for cutting and slicing purposes.

Scimitar Knives with Granton edges are used for various cutting and slicing purposes such as slicing thin portions of ham, poultry, roasts.

So any knife that has sharp edges and has a handle, can be called the Scimitar knife.

However, the common perception is that its blade should not be wider than 13 inches.

It is a traditional butcher knife that looks like a curved sword.

In case the blade is wider, it will truly look like a sword.

However, various fluctuations in this definition are acceptable and nowadays, Scimitar knives of various sizes are available widely that you can use to carry out heavy-weight cutting tasks in the markets and online stores.

Most commonly you can use them for cutting the large pieces of meat and converting them into smaller chunks.

The edges

The interesting thing is that the edges of the blade are very sharp and provide it with the characteristic cutting power, sharpness, and balance.

It would be right to say that the curved blade of the Scimitar “cuts less” and “pierce more”, so whenever you need a perfectly smart tool for a variety of meat cutting and slicing purposes, you should immediately look for a Scimitar knife.

What are the best choices?

If you are right in the market or want to buy a new Scimitar cutter, you should look into the top Scimitar knives that are available.

“Each different type was designed to perform certain functions.

What knives you need in your kitchen wholly depends on your style of cooking, what you make regularly, and what level of experience you have.” says culinary expert Julie Chernoff, dining editor for the Better magazine.


It always comes up in the characteristic orange size and the total length of this knife is not more than 16 inches.

The durable and stainless blade is often made up of molybdenum steel that not only provides edge retention but also feels solid to provide maximum balance.

The best part?

The nonslip plastic handle allows you to cut smoothly even if your hands are wet or sweaty.

Wusthof Pro

It is a top-selling scimitar knife that has the perfect size with high-quality material.

The length of the blade is 10 inches with a super-sharp edge.

The ergonomic handle is not small either.

It is mainly designed to cut the bigger pieces of meat that have the potential to meet professional standards.

Mercer Culinary Granton Edge Cimeter

With this one, you will not have too much work to do.

The weight and the balance of it combine to do high-quality work.

The high carbon stainless material used in the blade makes it an excellent knife.

If you have ever used this before, you may have felt confused while dealing with such a sharp blade.

But believe me, the safe handle has the potential to keep all your worries away.

Undoubtedly, the Granton edge is a big plus.

So if you are also in search that can help you with professional and fine cutting, you should immediately go for Mercer Scimitar knives.

Butcher’s Breaking Scimitar

Its design and structure reveal that it deserves more to be kept in the ancient battle in the Middle East than for a residential kitchen.

The massive blade comes up in an enormously huge size of 14 inches and has the perfect functionality for cutting all kinds of chicken, fish, beef, and pork.

Final Verdict

It is an excellent tool for all of your meat-cutting tasks.

If you are also in search of the right scimitar knife for your kitchen, do not forget to buy the cover for proper storage.

Though some knives already come up with the cover, you should make sure to have a cover at the time of the purchase.

Moreover, do not wash these knives in the dishwasher, otherwise, the blade may deteriorate.

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