What Is A Stiletto Knife? What Is It Used For?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 03/16/21 •  8 min read

When it comes to deadlier knives, we cannot ignore the stiletto knives.

They have an interesting historical background as well and have been widely used in wars as a weapon.

According to research, these knives were first of all made by Italians.

Well, you may want to know why these knives are so important from a historical point of view and how you can use them for various purposes.

Here in this article, we will cover a lot of details related to stiletto knives and show what is so unique about them.

Keep in mind that our main purpose is to answer a query “what is a stiletto knife?”.

What is it?

Even if you have not heard about the stiletto knives before, you must know of the stilettos of the women’s shoes.

Well, hope you have got my point.

The classy appearance of the stiletto shoes gives a unique attraction to the women’s feet.

On the other hand, they are one of the deadliest weapons.

The stiletto shoes have perhaps taken their name from the Stiletto at the heel portion of the shoes that narrowly extends till the bottom.

Now I strongly hope you know what I exactly want to tell you.

They are sharp knives that keep on getting narrower till the top portion of the blade.

The blades of these knives are often very long and narrow at the upper end.

The slow and steady inward bending of the sides makes the tip exceptionally sharp.

Thus, you can imagine how sharp a tip this knife can have.

In simple words, this tool seems more like a war tool and less like a knife.

More about stiletto knife

Any blade that has sharp edges and has a handle, can be called the stiletto knife.

However, the common perception about this knife is that the widest portion of the blade should not be wider than 13 inches.

If this area is wider than 13 inches, then we will merely call it the fighting tool, and not the knife.

However, various fluctuations in this definition are acceptable and nowadays, stiletto knives of various sizes are available widely in the markets and online stores.

Keep in mind that the edges of the blade are also very sharp that gives the characteristic sharpness, balance, and cutting power to this knife.

It would be right to say that this knife “cuts less” and “pierce more”, so whenever you need a small tool for piercing purposes (such as to piece the beef), you should immediately look for a stiletto knife.


These often come up in the market with more than one or two blades.

These blasts either release due to gravity or the springs that are fitted inside them.

The creation of these knives has a strong connection with Italian history and culture and people have used them wisely for various purposes.

These knives basically served as the small war tool for the Italian people, and we can easily read the pages of history to see that these knives were also used in World War l & ll.

The use is almost extinct these days and you can only find them in the collection of knife enthusiasts.

As you can easily understand from the appearance of these knives that they often serve the decorations; purposes and do not act more than mere decoration pieces.

Though nowadays, these knives are not used for utility and defensive purposes, the interest and keenness to know about these knives still exist in the minds of the people.

What is it used for?

These knives were designed before the world war by the Italian soldiers.

However, their most common usage was seen in World War.

This trend was most commonly spread in the US in the late 1980s when teenagers adopted the use of artificial stiletto knives for decoration purposes.

After that, the use was banned and people from all over the world suggested it as a weapon that should not thrive among teenagers.

This decision blocked all kinds of industrial manufacturing and transportation of these knives.

Many people protested against this decision and considered it as a sign of self-defense, but the majority of the people were against this decision.

However, as an alternative, very eye-catching butterfly knives were introduced in the market that grabbed the attention of so many people.

Here I want to share a piece of interesting information about these knives.

Still, there are various places in the world where people use these ones every day or EDC.

Keep in mind, they are often decorative and sold as mere showpieces.

However, people are also permitted to use the original knives for self-defense, slicing, and other cutting and piercing purposes.

How to use it

As you can see from the structure and appearance of these knives, they are very dangerous to use.

The sharp blades can not only cut your finger but also your bones, so obviously you cannot use them for cutting soft and fragile objects like fruits and vegetables.

The sharp tip of these knives can be extremely dangerous to use and can take your life.

So do not point the tip of the stiletto knife towards anyone and never give it to the children.

In case, if you accidentally push the release button, it can cause severe injury.

One of the surest and proven ways to deal with this knife is to open and close it quickly while carefully handling it.

And then you can use the muscle memory to open and close the knife without even looking at your hands or knife.

Here let me advise again that, while learning the tricks of this knife, you should be careful about all kinds of safety arrangements.

Here you might be wondering: Why should I learn to use the stiletto knife?

As discussed earlier, you can still use them for self-defense purposes and maintain your safety in emergencies.

What to look for when buying?

As there is very little practical usage of these knives, you should find them for lower rates.

If the stunning designs do not match your budget, you should not water your money in the mere collection of these dangerous knives.

However, if you are passionate about collecting different types of knives in your kitchen for decoration purposes, then you should go for them.

Remember that if you are in search of too inexpensive knives, they will lose their characteristic sharpness and shine very soon.

So the best option is to choose the one that can suit your budget and complete all the decoration purposes.

A pro tip?

Before proceeding with these knives, you should check the “state knife laws” and confirm whether it is worth the money or not.

If people are scared of these knives and do not encourage them to have them in the home, then it may also impact your choice.

Here are some more tips that will tell you what you should look for when buying:

Final Verdict

Well now we have discussed all the basics of “what is a stiletto knife?”, we expect that you have got maximum answers to all of your questions.

It is no secret that these knives are fun to have in your kitchen and add to the beauty of your knife collection.

If you do not have these knives in your kitchen, try at least having one that will remind you of the warriors of history who used this product.

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