What Is A Vegetable Cleaver Used For?

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 07/07/18 •  3 min read

Vegetable cleavers are designed to be able to slice through all sorts of different vegetables. On top of slicing vegetables, these knives are useful for crushing garlic, ginger, and transferring ingredients to a pan.

If you’re new to the world of kitchen cutlery, you’re probably wondering what a vegetable cleaver is used for.

While it looks very similar to any standard cleaver, it’s a completely different tool used for different applications.

Vegetable cleavers are smaller and thinner than standard cleavers, which makes them ideal for slicing vegetables, crushing ingredients, and even handling softer meats like chicken.

It can be a very useful knife for many chefs, especially if standard cleavers feel heavy or too large in your hands.

There are many different types of cleavers out there, but the vegetable cleaver is one of the most useful tools available.

So, if you’ve been looking for a versatile knife that is large but not overwhelming like a meat cleaver, the vegetable cleaver might be the one for you.

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Tips for Buying and Caring for Your Vegetable Cleaver

To hold the cleaver, squeeze the handle with your thumb and forefinger but ensure that your forefinger is relaxed then put your other three fingers under the handle.

Your grip should be firm and the cleaver’s blade should be balanced. To cut your vegetables ensure that the blade is in constant contact with your chopping board as you cut your veggies in the middle of the cleaver with a forward-back motion.

When buying a vegetable cleaver, go for one made of pure stainless steel or with a mixture of carbon and stainless steel as it will not rust.

Ensure it is light in weight, it has 3 rivets so that the handle does not come out easily or get loose and the blade extends all the way to the handle.

To clean a cleaver, you can wash in warm soapy water or wipe it and store. Always keep it dry and avoid running it in the dishwasher or soaking it. Store your vegetable cleaver in a knife rack.

To keep a vegetable cleaver sharp use a sharpening stick to sharpen it and ensure you sharpen it every so often.

To sharpen, hold the sharpening stick firmly and slide the blade of the knife along the stick moving away from you. Repeat several for each side of the blade.

Do not use your vegetable cleaver to cut tough meats and bones, there is a meat cleaver for that purpose.

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