Zelite Infinity 6-inch Boning Knife Review

By Ryan Leavitt •  Updated: 04/23/19 •  4 min read

This may be a surprise for some, but the boning knife is the butcher’s best friend.

Butchers use this knife because of how it can strip all the meat from the bone cleanly, while also being able to remove tiny pieces of meat and bone.

To do this effectively, boning knives have to be very sharp and flexible, while also being balanced and easy to control.

A lot of knives usually don’t have all those features, but Zelite Infinity has released one that does, and we’ll take a look at it in this Zelite Infinity boning knife review.



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03/16/2022 03:02 pm GMT

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Functionality and Beauty

One of the first things you’ll notice when looking at it is the intricate Tsunami Rose Damascus pattern on the blade that looks simply stunning.

When the light hits the blade just right, it turns into a beautiful work of art, but the pattern is more than just something aesthetic.

The Damascus pattern on the blade minimized the amount of food that gets stuck on the blade, which is perfect when you’re doing intricate and difficult kitchen tasks like filleting a fish.

Built to Last

One thing consistent about Zelite Infinity’s knives is that they are durable. The blade itself is made of Japanese Super Steel which is famous for its durability.

To make the blade even more durable, there are 66 layers of steel forged on the blade. A quality blade is nothing without a quality handle, and this knife has just that.

A rounded, black, triple-riveted G10 handle is what comes with it, so it is without a doubt durable.

Comfortable in the Hand

The rounded handle fits in the hand so well, and pinch grip is a dream on this knife because the bolster was crafted perfectly.

Like a lot of the knives made by Zelite, it is full tang, which means that the blade runs all the way to the butt of it. This gives it more weight, especially towards the handle, which is what is usually sought after in a boning knife.

Ruthlessly Sharp and Flexible

The two most important characteristics to look for in a boning knife is sharpness and flexibility.

This is because you want to get nice, clean cuts on the meat while also being able to go underneath the bone when filleting meat. The blade on Zelite Infinity‘s boning knife is incredibly sharp.

This is because they sharpen the blade down to a point of 12 degrees during manufacturing. For reference sake, most knives in the same price range only sharpen down to 15 degrees.

It can be sharpened down to that super fine point because of the high quality, durable, and tough materials that they used during manufacturing.


Is this knife style Asian or Western?

The knife is a combination of both.

It’s made of Japanese VG10 super steel and is honed to 12-15 degrees per side, which is a common trait of Asian knives.

It’s also strong, and balanced, which are the traits of Western knives.

So, you will have the best of both worlds in one product.

Where is it made?

It’s made in Yangjiang, China.

Is this knife safe to use with a dishwasher?

No, I won’t recommend that.

The dishwasher might damage it in the long run if you don’t pay attention to it.


Boning knives are usually overlooked when preparing a kitchen arsenal, but that’s because a lot of people don’t see the beauty of owning one.

Having a boning knife in the kitchen increases the possibilities in your meals, and would open up a whole new world for you. It is a great piece of kitchen gear and definitely should be on your shopping list.


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