Zelite Knife Review: Are They Quality Knives Or Not?

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For the longest time, the world of kitchen knives was divided into two categories.

You had the premium professional brands like Shun and Wusthof, and cheap knives that would only fit a basic home kitchen.

But in recent years, new brands such as Zelite have come along and have taken the market by storm with their functional knives made with premium materials.

Currently, Zelite offers a wide collection of kitchen cutlery that would be a great fit in both professional and amateur home kitchens.

And to help you find just the right model for you, we’ve compiled a list of reviews of the best Zelite knives on the market today.

We did extensive research to figure out the brand’s top models and dove deep into the features to provide you with an honest and accurate review.

So, if you’ve been aiming to score some Zelite knives for your kitchen, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on to learn more.

Best Zelite Knives & Knife Sets (Editor’s Choices)

A Brief History

Zelite stormed onto the kitchen cutlery market all the way back in 2015 when they released their Alpha-Royal Series.

These knives were made out of Damascus steel and embraced the ancient tradition of Japanese knife making.

This collection solved a decades-old problem that the knife world faced.

Back then, chefs had to choose between sharp knives that are durable or sacrifice the sharpness of blades that are corrosion resistant.

The Damascus steel and construction of the knives in the Alpha-Royal series bridged the gap and offered chefs knives that have both qualities.

Currently, Zelite offers six different collections to choose from, each of them made with the utmost attention to detail and superior craftsmanship.

Are Zelite Knives Worth It?

It’s no secret that Zelite knives aren’t cheap.

While they won’t fetch price tags as high as Shun or Miyabi, many of their knives are within the $100 range.

For professional chefs, this is a huge bargain considering the sheer quality of their knives.

However, many home cooks might notice that these blades are significantly more expensive than your average kitchen knife.

Keep in mind that when you invest in Zelite knives, you invest in quality.

While the blades are made in China, they are made out of very high-quality materials and with close attention to detail.

The result is an incredible product that will handle just about any ingredient you throw at it, stay sharp for a very long time, and feel very natural and comfortable in the hand.

Reviews of the Best Products

1. Zelite Infinity Alpha-Royal Chef Knife

To kick things off, we look at this blade from the Alpha-Royal collection.

As we mentioned earlier, this is the series that took the world by storm because of its sheer quality.

The key characteristic of these knives is the Damascus steel on the blade.

Damascus steel is made by layering multiple sheets of soft steel over a hard steel core.

The result is a very strong blade that can be sharpened to a very fine and precise edge while also sporting a very unique flower pattern on the blade.

This specific blade contains 67 different layers of steel to produce an incredibly strong kitchen tool that does the job very well.

On top of that, these knives are hand sharpened to ensure that each blade comes out of the box with a sharp edge ready to handle a variety of ingredients.



2. Zelite Infinity Alpha-Royal Executive Edition Chef’s Knife

This next one is an improvement over the Alpha-Royal chef knife.

While this series generally had no problems, Zelite prioritizes innovation, which is how this blade came to be.

It sports a similar design and construction to the Alpha-Royal model, but there is a difference in the precision.

This one is crafted to be exactly 57mm deep with a hammered tsuchime finish.

These features allow for incredible precision and functionality in the kitchen.

The hammered finish reduces friction, which means food won’t stick to it when in use.



3. Zelite Infinity Comfort-Pro Chef Knife

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If you’re a home chef looking for a reliable and affordable chef knife, this is the right pick for you.

The Comfort-Pro series features very ergonomic designs, giving you much more control over the knife.

It has a contoured handle that fits very well in the hand.

The handle allows you to make more precise cuts without tiring out your arm and wrist.

The blade itself is made of ThyssenKrupp carbon steel, a highly sought-after material in the knife world.

This is because the steel recipe is very hard and durable, which is why the knife can retain its edge for a very long time.

On top of all of that, it’s available at a fairly affordable price, which is what makes it a favorite amongst home cooks.



4. Becokay Santoku Knife

This next one is a Santoku, which is a traditional Japanese blade.

This is originally designed to be used to slice vegetables and fruits.

The relatively small blade size allows you to easily make precise and even slices.

However, since it’s also a very sharp and durable blade, many modern chefs also use this to slice fish and meat.

If you’re a chef with smaller hands, this blade can be a great alternative to a bulky chef knife.

With its all stainless steel design, this blade fits in just right in modern kitchens and could be just the piece you need for your cutlery collection.



5. Zelite Infinity Comfort Pro Block Set

Last up is the Comfort-Pro block set.

As we said earlier, the Comfort-Pro is one of the best collections for home chefs.

They are relatively affordable compared to other professional kitchen knives and they can beat out an average home kitchen knife set out there.

These blades sport an ergonomic and comfortable handle, making them ideal for home cooks.

On top of that, all the blades have full-tang construction and blades that are really sharp right out of the box.

This set comes with eight different knives, a honing rod, and a storage block.

With this set, you’ll instantly be able to build a full kitchen set that you can use for a variety of recipes.



What People Like

Zelite is largely considered a great mid-range brand.

Their products bridge the gap between the expensive professional chef knives and the dull home kitchen knives you can find at department stores.

The biggest pro of investing in a Zelite knife is that the blade will be noticeably sharper and more functional than any blade you might have at home.

If you’re a home cook who has never tried a professional or high-quality kitchen knife before, you will feel the difference instantly.

Instead of struggling to get through ingredients in the kitchen, everything is made much easier because of the sharp and ergonomic blade.

That way, you don’t have to worry about ruining your ingredients when chopping.

Another advantage is that professional chefs will find these knives much more affordable than other brands like Wusthof and Shun.

If you’re a professional chef looking for a sharp and ergonomic blade on a budget, the Alpha-Royal series has blades that comfortably fit in a professional culinary setting.

What People Don’t Like

One of the major cons of Zelite is how the quality of their blades diminishes as you go through their collections.

The Alpha-Royal and Alpha Royal executive collections are great, but as you look at other, cheaper collections, you might notice that the designs aren’t as striking.

This is because Zelite makes knives for a wide variety of chefs, and while some collections might not have the best designs, they are still incredibly functional kitchen tools.

Notable Collections

The most notable collection is the Alpha-Royal Series.

After all, this collection put Zelite on the map and took the entire market by storm in 2015.

These blades sport a great Damascus steel construction and are true premium kitchen knives.

Another notable series is the Comfort Pro.

This collection isn’t as sophisticated, but it’s designed for home cooks who want to have a comfortable time working in the kitchen.


So, those are the best Zelite knives on the market based on our research.

The beauty of Zelite is that they make knives for both home cooks and professional chefs.

They have an extensive collection, and if one of the entries on our list caught your eye, then the only thing left to do is head out and get one for your kitchen!

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